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20 January 2012 at 8:33am | IP Logged 
Wow, good job.
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20 January 2012 at 9:17am | IP Logged 

Here's our other class reading. I just blased through this in class, but here I'm going through it line by line and trying to decode all the sentences.

最近、昼寝の結果についての研究が盛んに行 われている。
Recently, recearch into the effectiveness of napping has become popular

これらの研究によると、昼寝には、疲労の予 防・作業効率の上昇などの効果があるという 。
According to this research, it's said that naps have effectiveness in prevention of fatigue, raising the productivity of workers, among other things.

昼過ぎ=just past noon
人間が昼食に眠くなるのは、生体リズムによ るもので、昼過ぎに小さな眠気のピークが来 るとされている。
When a human being becomes tired from a mid-day meal, because of the body's rhythm, just past noon a small peak of drowsiness comes.

横たわる=to stretch out
ちょうど犬や猫が食事をした後に横たわって 眠ることが多いのと同じように、人間が昼食 後に眠気を感じるのも自然な生理現象なのだ 。
Exactly the same as how after a meal many dogs and cats stretch out to sleep, it's a natural pysiological phenomenon that after lunch humans feel sleepiness.

それでは、適当な昼寝の長さはどれぐらいか 。
In which case, how long would be a suitable afternoon nap?

According to research, 15-20 minutes.

眠りに付く=to fall asleep
人が眠りにつくと最初の15~20分が浅い 眠り、それ以上が深い眠りとなり、浅い眠り は脳をリフレッシュさせるが、深い眠りは眠 気を強くの残してしまうからだ。
When one falls asleep, at first there's 15-20 minuts of light sleep, and from there it turns into deep sleep, although light sleep refreshes the brain, with deep sleep a powerful drowsiness remains.

特に運転時は居眠り運転につながりやすいの で注意が必要だ。
Particularly when driving, it's important to be cautious because of the easy way one might fall asleep while driving.

昼食後に眠くなることは誰にでもありますよ ね。
After luch, hasn't everyone become drowsy?

At this time, I suggest sleeping.

眠気を我慢して仕事をするより、頭がすっき りしてミスが減り、ストレス解消にもなるの です。
Even more, sleepiness on a job that requires drugery, if the mind is cleared, then mistakes are less, and stress disappears.

こうした昼寝の効果を得る上で、いくつかポ イントになることがあります。
For the possible results after such an afternoon nap, a few points can be made.

First of all, sound sleep isn't good.

20分程度が昼寝に適した時間で、20分間 座ったまま目を閉じるだけでも十分効果的で す。
20 minutes was an such appropriate amount of time, that for 20 minutes of just sitting there, though the eyes are just closed it was sufficiently effective.

Next, for the hour of the day, about 2PM was the best.

逆に、午後3時以降の昼寝は夜の睡眠によく ない影響を与えかねないので、避けるように しましょう。
Conversely, an afternoon nap after 3PM had a negative effect on sleep during the evening, so it would be good to avoid that.

最後に、昼寝の前にコーヒーを飲むと、すっ きり目覚められます。
Finally, if coffee is drunk before the afteroon nap, one would be too awake.

眠気覚まし=keeping one's self awake
カフェインには眠気覚ましの効果があり、そ れが効いてくるのが摂取後30分ごろなので す。
Caffeine has the effect of keeping one awake, therefore to be effective a nap should be about 30 minutes after the intake of coffee.

冴える=さえる=to be clear
つまり、昼寝から目覚めるころには効いてき て、その後は頭もすっきり冴えている、とい うわけです。
In short, it can be said that upon awakening from a nap, the mind is clear and refreshed.

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20 January 2012 at 12:04pm | IP Logged 
Vihreiden Pekka Haavisto on nyt toiseksi suosituin presidenttiehdokas.
Green's Pekka Havisto is now second most popular presidential candidate.

Suosituin ehdokas on edelleen kokoomuksen Sauli Niinistö.
The most popular candidate is still consititution's Sauli Niinistö.

Näin kertoo uusi mielipidemittaus, jonka Taloustutkimus teki YLE Uutisille.
So says the new opinion poll which Economic Report did for YLE news.

Sauli Niinistön kannatus on laskenut.
Sauli Niinistön's support has declined.

prosenttiyksikkö=percentage point
Niinistön kannatus on nyt kahdeksan (8) prosenttiyksikköä pienempi kuin tammikuun alussa.
Niinistö's support is now 8 percentage points smaller than early January.

selvä=free, clear
Niinistö on silti selvästi suosituin presidenttiehdokas.
Niinistö is still obviously the most popular presidential candidate.

Hänen kannatuksensa on nyt 29 prosenttia.
His support is now 29 percent.

Pekka Haaviston kannatus on nyt 12 prosenttia.
Pekka Haavisto's support is now 12 percent.

Keskustan Paavo Väyrynen on kolmanneksi (3.) suosituin presidenttiehdokas.
Center's Paavi väyrynen is the third most popular persidential candidate.

Hänen kannatuksensa on 10 prosenttia.
His support is 10 percent.

tarvita=need (passive)
Mielipidemittauksen perusteella näyttää siltä, että vaaleissa tarvitaan kaksi (2) vaalipäivää.
From looking at the opinion polls, they indicate that the election will need two election days.

Ensimmäinen vaalipäivä on ensi sunnuntaina.
The first election day is this Sunday.

Jos kukaan ehdokkaista ei saa silloin yli 50 prosenttia äänistä, toinen vaalipäivä on helmikuun alussa.
If no candidate receives at that time over 50 percent of the votes a second election day will be in early February.

mukana=about, with
joka->jotka (PL)
ensimmäinen (ESS)
Toisella kierroksella ovat mukana ne kaksi ehdokasta, jotka saavat eniten ääniä ensimmäisenä vaalipäivänä.
The next rounds are with the two candidates, who receive the most votes on the first election day.
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22 January 2012 at 10:33am | IP Logged 

Continuing on class homework. Second half of おーい でてこーい

官庁=Government office
The goverment office gave permission.

And the nuclear power generation company argued and then agreed to the contract.

村人たちはちょっと心配したが、数千年は絶 対に地上に害はでないと説明され、また、利 益の配分をもらうことで、なっとくした。
Although the villagers were a bit worried, it was explained that thousands of years that there was no damage above ground, and again they would receive an allotment of the profices, so the consented.

しかも、まもなく都会から村まで、立派な道 路が作られたのだ。
Moreover, soon a splendid new highway was buidl from the city to the village.

トラックは道路を走り、鉛の箱を運んできた 。
Trucks run on the highway, bringing in boxes of lead.

穴の上でふたはあけられ、穴のなかに落ちて いった。
On top of the hole, the lid opens, and inside the hole the boxes are dropped.

外務省や防衛庁から、不要になった機密書類 箱を捨てにきた。
From the ministry of foreign affairs and the Japan self defense force boxes of un-needed secret secret documents also got thrown in.

監督についてきた役人たちは、ゴルフのこと を話しあっていた。
The government officials who came to supervise talked about golfing.

作業員たちは、指示に従って書類を投げこみ ながら、パチンコの話をしていた。
The workers, as they threw documents in talked about Pachinko.

穴は、いっぱいになるけはいを示さなかった 。
The whole showed no indication of filling up.

よっぽど=very greatly
よっぽど深いのか、それとも、底の方でひろ がっているのかもしれないと思われた。
Was it very deep, or possibly it was thought that possibly the bottom spread out widely.

The hole filling company business expanded little by little.

大学で伝染病の実験に使われた動物の死体も 運ばれてきたし、引き取り手のない浮浪者の 死体もくわわった。
From the university, the dead bodies of animals used for infectious disease experiments were carried in, the dead bodies of homeless with no family were added in.

導く=みちびく=to guide
海に捨てるよりいいと、都会の汚物を長いパ イプで穴まで導く計画も立った。
Better than throwing into the ocean, there was a plan to bring the city's garbage to the hole through a long pipe.

The hole gave the residents of the city a feeling of security.

あとしまつ=settlement of affairs, cleaning up aftewards
つぎつぎと生産することばかりに熱心で、あ としまつに頭を使うのは、だれもがいやがっ ていたのだ。
Everye hated, the products that one by one had just been manufactured with so much enthusiasm, that thought was needed to deal with.

この問題も、穴によって、少しずつ解決して いくだろうと思われた。
The problems by use of the whole seemed like they could be resolved little by little.

婚約のきまった女の子は、古い日記を穴に捨 てた。
Girls who had decided to become married threw their old diaries into the hole.

かつての恋人ととった写真を穴に捨てて、新 しい恋愛をはじめる人もいた。
People who were had a new love affair threw pictures taken with ex-loved ones into the hole.

警察は、押収した巧妙なにせ札を穴でしまつ して安心した。
The police safely dealt with seized counterfeit currency using the hole.

犯人者たちは、証拠物件を穴に投げ込んでほ っとした。
Criminals with a sense of relief threw evidence into the hole.

穴は捨てたいものは、なんでも引き受けてく れた。
The hole would take in anything that one wanted to throw out.

都会は汚れを洗い流してくれ、海や空が以前 にくらべて、いくらか澄んできたように見え た。
The city's dirty things washed away, compared to using the sky or the sea before, it seemed somehow more transparent.

その空をめざして、新しいビルが、つぎつぎ と作られていった。
Aiming for that very sky, new buildings one by one became constructed.

鉄骨=てっこつ=steel frame
ある日=one day
ある日、建築中のビルの高い鉄骨の上でひと 仕事を終えた作業員が、ひと休みしていた。
One day, above a the tall steel frame of a building being constructed, the workers who had finished rested.

彼は頭の上で、「おーい、でてこーい」と叫 ぶ声を聞いた。
From above his head, he heard a voice cry out "Hey, come out of there!"

However, looing up into the sky there was nothing.

Just a blue sky that spread out.

He thought, this is my imagination.

そして、もとの姿勢にもどった時、声のした 方角から、小さな石ころが彼をかすめて落ち ていった。
Then, when he returned to his original position, from the direction that he heard the voice, a small rock grazed him as it fell.

しかし彼は、ますます美しくなってゆく都会 のスカイラインをぼんやり眺めていたので、 それには気がつかなかった。
However, for him as he blankly stared at the increasingly beautiful city skyline, he didn't notice this.

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23 January 2012 at 12:37am | IP Logged 
More sentences for Kanji in Context (for class)

最近は銀行やコンビニにはたいてい防犯カメ ラが備えられている。
Recently banks and convenience stores generally have anti-crime cameras installed.

Police finally arrested the escaped criminal.

踏み込む=step into,raid,
連行=れんこう=taking a suspect to polie
逮捕状=arrest warrent
容疑者の家に踏み込んだ刑事は、容疑者に逮 捕状を突きつけ、警察署に連行した。
The detective raided the suspects home brandishing an arrest warrent and brought him into the police station.

先日高速道路を走っていて、初めてスピード 違反で捕まってしまった。
Yesterday I was on the freeway and for the first time I got a ticket for illegal speed.

Catching fish with your bare hands is not a simple matter.

昔はたくさんの舟で鯨を追いかけて捕まった が、今は捕鯨船で捕る。
In thoe old days there were many boats that chased and caught whales, today they are caught with whaling ships.

課す=かす=to levy
所得にかかわりなく課される消費税は、低所 得者には大きな負担になる。
The imposition of consumption tax that is not moderated by income is a great burden to people of low income.

人の意見を批判することはやさしいが、しっ かりした意見を述べることは難しい。
The criticism of the person's opinion is kindly done so firmly stating the opinion was difficult.

最低限度=minimum limit
営む=いとなむ=to carry on
「すべての国民は、健康で文化的な最低限度 の生活を営む権利を有する」(日本憲法第2 5条)
All citizens have the right to carry on with health the minimum level of existence. (Japanese constitution 25th article)

ずっと健康な人は病気の人の気持ちが分から ない。
Poeple who have always been healthy just can't understand the feelings of sick people.

That white building is the district's sports center.

階建て=かいだて=Nth story
私の部屋は5階建てのマンションの二階です 。
My room is an apartment on the second floor of a 5 floor building.

建設業界=world of construction
政治家と建設業界の癒着が大きな問題になっ ている。
The collusion between politicians and the construction industry has become a big problem.

補習=ほしゅう=supplementary lessons
受験競争が厳しいので、受験対策のために補 習などを実施している学校が多い。
Because the competition in the test is severe, in order to plan for the test many schools have implemented things like supplmentary lessons.

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23 January 2012 at 6:02am | IP Logged 
Suomessa on sunnuntaina äänestetty presidentinvaaleissa.
Finland is voting Sunday for the presidential election.

Kokoomuksen Sauli Niinistö ja vihreiden Pekka Haavisto saivat vaaleissa eniten ääniä.
Contitution's Sauli Niinistö and Green's Pekka Haavisto received the most votes in the election.

mukaan=according to, with, after by
He pääsevät mukaan vaalien toiselle kierrokselle.
Together they reach the election's next round.

järjestää=arrange, take place
Presidentinvaaleissa täytyy järjestää toinen kierros, koska kukaan ehdokkaista ei saanut yli 50 prosenttia äänistä.
Presidential elections must take place the next round because no candidates have received more than 50% of the votes.

Sauli Niinistö sai äänistä noin 37 prosenttia ja Pekka Haavisto melkein 19 prosenttia.
Sauli Niinistö received votes of about 37% and Pekka Haavisto about 19%.

Keskustan Paavo Väyrynen sai ääniä kolmanneksi eniten.
Center's Paavi Väyrynen received the 3rd most votes.

Vaaleissa oli mukana myös viisi (5) muuta presidenttiehdokasta, mutta he saivat selvästi vähemmän ääniä kuin Niinistö, Haavisto ja Väyrynen.
The election also had 5 other presidential candidates but they received clearly fewer votes than Niinistö, Haavisto and Väyrynen.

Sauli Niinistöllä ja Pekka Haavistolla on nyt kaksi viikkoa aikaa taistella äänestäjien kannatuksesta.
Sauli Niinistöllä and Pekka Haavistolla now have 2 weeks time to strugle for support from voters.

Presidentinvaalien toinen vaalipäivä on sunnuntai, helmikuun 5. päivä.
The presidential election's next election day is Sunday on February 5th.
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24 January 2012 at 10:08am | IP Logged 
空を飛んでいる虫を食べるのが、コウモリ本 来のベーシックな食生活です。
The bat's basic eating habits is eating bugs who fly through the air.

しまいに=at the end
しかしすべてのコウモリがみんなで虫を食べ ていたら、しまいにはエサがいなくなってし まい、コウモリそのものも全滅してしまいま す。
However if all bats ate bugs, in the end all the food would go away, bats, their very existence, would become extinct.

それに、虫の少ない環境に生きるコウモリも います。
Bestides bats also exist in environments where insects are rare.

ですから空を飛ぶ食虫目の哺乳類であるコウ モリは、「食べ分け」をしなければいけなか ったのです。
So therefore, bats, mammals who flyying insectivores, must have diversified their ways of eating.

たとえば、魚だけを食べるウオクイコウモリ というのがいです。
For examples there are bats who only east fish, who are known as 'fish eating bats.' (uokuikoumori)

波打つ=to dash against,
水面が波打っているのを超音波で感知して、 その下にいる魚をすくい取って食べます。
Bats perceive sound waves by dashing into the water surface, to help them catch fish below the surface.

花の蜜だけを吸うコウモリや、フルーツだけ を食べるフルーツバット、中にはコウモリを 食うコウモリもいます。
There are bats who only suck the nectar from flowers, fruit bats who only eat fruit, and among them are also bats who eat bats.

そんなバリエーションのひとつとして、哺乳 類や爬虫類の動物の血を吸うコウモリがいる のです。
For this kind of variation there is one particularly, there are bats who suck mammals and reptillian blood.

手っ取り早い=quick and easy
血を吸う(A)はもっとも手っ取り早い栄養 の摂取方法であることです。
Sucking blood is a most quick and easy method of absorbing nutrition.

丸ごと=in its entirety
頭から=from the begining
つまり動物の血液は栄養に満ちているので、 頭から丸ごと食べて消化する手間がかからな いのです。
In short, because animal blood is full of nutrition, from the beginning in its entirety it doesn't take much effort to digest.

この上なく=in its entirety
栄養を摂取するのに、この上なく効率がいい わけですね。
Despite absorbing nutrition, the efficiency is an entirely good reason for sucking blood.

ちなみに彼らは「吸血血液保存袋」のような ものを持っていて、おなかの減った仲間がい ると、おなかいっぱいの吸血コウモリがわけ であげることがあります。
By the way, they have a kind of "sack for preserving sucked blood". This reduced companion organ exists, to be used by vampire bat's whose stomachs are full.

忌み嫌う=いみきらう=to dest
吸血コウモリというと、吸血鬼ドラキュラの 手先とか、伝染病を媒介するベクター(媒介 者)という悪いイメージから忌み嫌われます が、同種間ではそういうやさしい習性も持っ ているのです。
When talking about vapire bats, though we disslike the negative image of the demon vampire Dracula's underling, or of the intermediary for the transmission of infectious disease, within the same species we find they also possess graceful traits.
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24 January 2012 at 10:43am | IP Logged 
Presidentinvaalien toisen kierroksen vaalitaistelu on alkanut.
In the presidential election the next phase of the election campaign has begun.

Toisella kierroksella on mukana kaksi ehdokasta, Sauli Niinistö ja Pekka Haavisto.
In the next phase altogether there are two candidates, Sauli Niinistö and Pekka Haavisto.

He saivat eniten ääniä sunnuntaina vaalien ensimmäisellä kierroksella.
They received the most votes on Sunday's election in the first phase.

Presidentinvaalien ensimmäisen kierroksen vaalilähetykset radiossa ja televisiossa saivat paljon yleisöä.
In the presidential election's first phase, the elections broadcasts on radio and television had a large audience.

Esimerkiksi TV1:n vaalilähetyksellä oli jopa 1,9 miljoonaa katsojaa.
For examples, TV 1's elections broadcast even had about 1.9 million viewers.

Toisen kierroksen vaalitaistelu kestää kaksi viikkoa.
The second phase's election campaign lasts 2 weeks.

Vaalipäivä on sunnuntai, helmikuun 5. päivä.
The eleection day is Sunday, February 5th.

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