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List of free, legal audiobooks sites

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27 June 2007 at 5:52pm | IP Logged 
Inspired by siomotteikiru's audiobook method, I thought it would be a good idea to make a list of legal places to get free audio books in various languages. Ideally, these sites will contain actual books, in audio format, unabridged, not just poetry, podcasts (unless the podcast consists of reading literature), or really short (< 20 page) stories. For other types of material, check the list of resources list.

Here's a list, in alphabetical order. This list is collaborative; as people find more sites, links are added.

Currently requested languages that no sites have been found for: Korean, Farsi, and Polish. Any help finding audiobook sites for these languages would be appreciated. (Bibles in each are available from 'Faith Comes By Hearing', mentioned below; more resources are very welcome).

There are several sections. The first is "free, legal audiobook sites", which have several full-length audiobooks (or lists of links to several full-length audiobooks). There are then sections for "single novels", "religious sites", sites which almost meet the criteria (such as short literary podcasts for languages with few/no free audiobooks, such as Basque), "L-R oriented collections", and historical/broken/removed links. Finally, at the end, there are selected comments/comparisons/reviews.

Here are the free, legal audiobook sites, in alphabetical order.

Alba's Learning to Learn Languages audiolibros(luke)(Spanish/English).
MP3, some PDFs.

ALK audiolibri(MarcoDiAngelo)(Italian)
Several Italian audiobooks, many of which are over 5 hours. Also available via mail.

Arabic audio books(Doitsujin)(Arabic)
Doitsujin wrote:
I just stumbled upon this Arabic podcast site:

It seems to be just one guy in Kuwait reading books by popular Arab writers such as Ihsān Abd al-Quddūs, Tawfīq al-Hakīm and Tāhā Husayn to name only a few.

Both audio and reading qualities are very good.
3 novels in Hindi, with text and audio. They don't appear to have been translated into other languages.
MP3. Over 3000 audiobooks. No length indications. Accompanying texts are sometimes on and similar, according to Darobat.
MP3s of classical literature, both original and translated, with length indications. Fantastic resource. See also Litterature Audio; OlafP recommends it over audiocite. (His full comment is reproduced at the bottom of this post).

MarcoDiAngelo wrote:
For Bulgarian, an excellent, growing site: Finally I am able to learn Bulgarian :D
sheetz wrote:

I found a great site where literary works in Japanese are placed in parallel text in English. I think the site is meant to be a resource for Japanese people wanting to learn English, but obviously it works the other way, as well! Some of the works they've done include a few on the list of free Japanese audiobooks on (

Books should be free(BlondGirl)(multilingual).
Most of the books are from librivox. ReneeMona points out that they have a Dutch section.

Chinese radio(aru-aru)(Chinese).
His description: "This link here is a chinese radio station website. They have the recordings of the broadcasted book-reading shows or something, but as to all the practical purposes these are audiobooks, divided into 25 minute segments. They have 哈利波特与阿兹卡班的囚徒, 哈利波特与秘室 (chamber of secrets), 哈利波特与魔法石."
Includes "Dream of the red Chamber." See aru-aru's post (page 2) for links to the text. Warning: JasonChoi says they aren't actually the same (page 3).

Philosophy and literature audiobooks. Most are quite long (the longest one, currently, is 9 hours, 44 minutes).

Free books( English).
MP3, no transcripts.

Friends Forum(Mitko)(mostly Russian).

Lindley wrote: (former natahaus) has tons of Russian books, magazines and some audio books (I'd say around 100). Most of the audio books are business/self-help/management sort of thing, but there's fiction as well, e.g. Lemoni Snicket - spelling?, Robin Hood (audio-play), scary stories for kids etc.

P.S. direct link to audiobooks

Internet Archive(Various languages, including French).
MP3 audiobooks in several languages.

Japanese Classical Literature at Bedtime(furyou_gaijin)(Japanese).
MP3, external links to transcripts. Japanese and translated-into-Japanese works. Excellent, and very well-read.

Kealist's learning log(kealist)(Mandarin).
Useful links for Mandarin L-R.

Quite a selection of audio ebooks, by Japanese and foreign authors. Not known if they're abridged or not. Format: ram.
sheetz wrote:

This site has Japanese audio for a good number of works. Mostly short stories, including "The Little Prince," Tolstoy's "Ivan the Fool," Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's "Adventure of the Dancing Men," and most of Natsume's novel, "Kokoro."

Spanish and translated-to-Spanish works. It used to be MP3 format, length of track clearly displayed; now it uses some weird custom flash interface, which is a huge step in the wrong direction.

Several Italian audiobooks. A corresponding English/Italian parallel text for at least one work, "I promessi sposi", can be found at

Librivox(Reineke)(several languages).
Librivox is heavily English-oriented; there are currently 981 'books' in English, while German comes in second at 32, and French third at 17. Reineke notes that it allows non-native speakers (unsurprising, given that it contains audio for Old English, Latin, and Church Slavonic!)
ReneeMona points out their Dutch section.
onebir wrote:
I just discovered that Librivox now has several fairly chunky novels in Hebrew:

Yosef Haim Brenner's "In Winter" (3h19m),"From Here and There" (8h1m) "Out of a Gloomy Valley" (6 short stories - 3h43m)

Mendele Mocher Seforim (aka Shalom Jacob Abramovitsch) "Wanderings of Benjamin III" (3h43m), "Fishke the Lame (The Book of Beggars)" (7h57m) & "The wishing ring" (incomplete, currently incomplete, ~12h 14 mins in 47/62 chapters.)

All link to e-texts on, so you can paste tricky chunks into google translate.

These are all late-19th/early-20th century works & I think some may be translations from Yiddish. So I guess the Hebrew may be a bit dated. Also they all seem to be recorded by a one person. I hope he has a nice voice. (Having trouble downloading from Librivox at the moment)

Very small collection of books; the page talks of having deleted about 40. MP3 and FLAC. Has some long works, including "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" and "Heart of Darkness".

Litterature Audio(French).
Currently has over 1000 audiobooks. MP3.
Several creative commons licensed audiobooks (mp3). It has some overlap with LibriVox.

Free downloads from a commercial audiobook site.änzi)(Danish).
MP3, "fairy-tales, short stories and full-sized novels". As of this writing, there are 3 novels of over an hour each (two 5 hour ones, and an 8 hour one - click "Romaner"), and a decent selection of shorter works.

Magyar Elektronikus Könyvtár (MEK) / Hungarian Electronic Library(waremchan)(Hungarian)
This site is sufficient reason to learn Hungarian; need I say more? It has a fantastic array of world classics, in Hungarian.

pingshu8(kealist)(Mandarin Chinese).
A range of audiobooks, most at 32kb/second, a few at higher or lower bitrates.

Full length novels as serialized audioboks. MP3.

Project Gutenberg(several languages).
Heavily English, but there are some German entries, and a few in Russian, Latin, French, Finnish, etc.

Radio France Archives(breckes)(French).
Real player format.

Lillyflea wrote:

It has audio short stories by Dutch and Flemish authors, read aloud in Dutch/Flemish, French, English and Spanish.

Radio College Park(24karrot)(Persian).
Small but nice collection of Persian audiobooks. MP3 format, time listed. Has anyone found English translations of the books?

RAI: Fantasticamente(ziedariana)(Italian).
More audiobooks from RAI1.

RAI: Il Terzo Anello(frenkeld)(Italian).
Current work available as MP3; RAM archives.

Russian Authors (Sussex university)(CaitO'Ceallaigh)(Russian).
Works by Russian authors, with translations and audio. It looks promising, but I can't use the audio in my browser - hopefully others can.

Sheetz's learning log(Japanese).
The best list of Japanese audiobook resources I am aware of, by far.

Theateraufcd(Reineke) (German).

A moderately sized selection of audiobooks in English. Includes "Metamorphosis" by Kafka and "Call of the Wild". MP3.

Ukrainian Literary Audio Resources(Chung)(Ukranian)
Chung wrote:

This site is navigable in Ukrainian only and is encoded in "Cyrillic Windows-1251" instead of Unicode. Make sure that your browser is configured to the former otherwise the page will not display properly!

This is a collection of Ukrainian spoken word in .m3u or .mp3 for a few works from Ukrainian literature as well as Ukrainian translations of a few works by non-Ukrainian writers. Unfortunately I cannot find accompanying texts on this site but it may be possible to find at least the corresponding Ukrainian texts at the Ukrainian Electronic library:

Verbum Library Audiobook Collection(Bulgarian).
A large number of audiobooks in Bulgarian. Primarily religious. Recent additions are listed at Audio formerly at and blog formerly at .

Vorleser (Reineke)(German).
~550 audio books, in German, at 'cd quality' in mp3 format. Some tracks are accompanied by texts (hosted on Project Gutenberg) and length indications, some aren't.

Single novels

Amuddu n-Umsiggel(Berber, Tashelhit dialect)(HTale)
HTale wrote:

This isn't an audiobook site as such, but this is a famous berber story I've found online, complete with English and french translations (and also in Tifinagh script, which is quite rare to find online):

I may just be the only person on here learning Berber, but this is just in case anybody is remotley interested in the sound of the language.

It's the Tashelhit dialect (spoken primarily in Anti-Atlas of Morocco)

Dante Project(Italian)(tmesis). Dante's works, in Italian, English, or both (parallel text), with audio in both English and Italian.

Don Quijote de la Mancha(Spanish)(atamagaii).
Cervantes' classical work, "Don Quijote de la Mancha", as streaming ASX files. I recommend getting it in MP3 format from EducAragón ::: Departamento de Educación, Cultura y Deporte. Gobierno de Aragón instead.

Gerda Malaperis(Esperanto).
This has the full text and recordings of "Gerda Malaperis", a novel originally in Esperanto, by Claude Piron, aimed at beginners. The language gradually gets more complex throughout the novel. It now requires a (free) lernu account to access.

Pinocchio in MP3 format, read by Silvia Cecchini.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms(AniaR)(Thai).
An epic Chinese tale, in Thai translation.

Seitsemän veljestä (Seven brothers) by Aleksis Kivi(Finnish)(Serpent).
Corresponding text is available here. Recordings of this have previously been available at two other sites which have since gone dead, including 153363875071&g=7 . The current URL hasn't been vouched for by Serpent.

Sites which focus on particular religious works, in one or many languages

Audio treasure(sheetz)(several languages).
MP3, biblical. Several languages only have part of the Bible, such as the New Testament or a particular Gospel. Parallel texts for the bible can be found at

Faith comes by hearing (hundreds of languages/very multilingual)
Read Professor Arguelles' thread about 'faith comes by hearing'. This is an amazing resource for languages which have incredibly little material or are hard to find audiobooks for. If you're looking for Greek, Arabic, Kiswahili, Hausa, Korean, Igbo, Igo, Digo, Georgian, Uzbek, several Aztec languages, or something even more exotic, you may well find it here.

Full audio of the Bhagavad-Gita, in English, French, Gujarati, Hindi, Sanskrit, and Spanish.

Greek/Latin New Testament Audio Readings(JasonChoi)(Greek, Latin, Hebrew).
Texts linked to from and

Jehovah's Witnesses(AniaR)(Multilingual/several languages)
AniaR wrote:

Audiobooks in forty-four languages, thousands of hours.
Some are quite entertaining, eg. My Book of Bible Stories.

MP3s of the entire Hebrew bible. Text is linked to at; there are pre-prepared English/Hebrew texts. (
The Quran, in mp3 format - formerly at , but now moved. links to several alternative recordings. - The Hare Krisna Inspiration(tmesis)(Sanskrit).
Bhagavad-gita chanting, with light music in the background; MP3. Corresponding parallel text available at

contains the Bible (both audio and script) in: Portuguese, Spanish, French, Russian, Italian, and Mandarin (traditional, simplified, and romanized).

Sites which are useful, but don't quite meet the above criteria
Free, but with some heavy restrictions (the books are available at 5 bitrates, and only 8kB/second is free for most, which is very low; higher bitrates require paying, and even at 8kB/second, it requires signing up). I've downloaded one of the audiobooks available free at 16kB/second, and the artifacts from too much compression are fairly noticeable.
A few audio books, relatively short, 24kb/second. The longest are barely over an hour.'Ceallaigh)(Russian)
A large collection of public domain Russian classics, in Russian, with some translations into English.

Esperanto audio(Esperanto).
These are far too short, and far too few, but I have not yet found a better place for Esperanto audio with accompanying text. License unknown. of languages)(Serpent).
A religious site with short recordings in a dazzling variety of languages.
No audiobooks, but Chinese translations of foreign literature.

Le Webcast littéraire(linqvist)(French).
I've put this in this category, because the website requires Flash 9 and Javascript, so I cannot view it or categorize it better; hopefully it will be of use to someone.

Logos Library(jeff_lindqvist)(a few dozen languages).
Not audio-book oriented, but has sound clips for many of the languages, especially the larger ones, including Swedish.

Norwegian - Listening and Reading sites(Norwegian).
This isn't LR-oriented, but does have links to Norwegian texts and spoken mp3s.

Pako's podcast(Basque)
A few Basque audiobooks. The longer ones appear to have never been translated to any other languages, unfortunately.

"Free and legal latvian audiobooks. Shorter stories (pasakas) have the text as well."

Contemporary Italian audio books, but without transcripts; picking one at random, I was unable to find the corresponding text via google. Fairly short, and under copyright; not redistributable, personal use only.

Society for the Oral Reading of Greek and Latin Literature (SORGLL)(Ocius)(Latin, Ancient Greek).
This site has readings of Latin and Ancient Greek literature in restored pronunciation. They're rather short, rather than audiobook length, hence putting it in this section. The audio player built into the site doesn't work for me - but you can change the last section of the URL to playlist.xml to find where the mp3 of the recording is.

Susa - audioa(Basque).
A variety of poems in Basque, in RAM and mp3 formats.

Textes audio - Bonnes Nouvelles : espace littéraire audio(linqvist)(French)
Some short recordings in French. MP3.

Voorlezer(anonymous on behalf of the communist party)(Dutch).
A number of ebooks are available gratis (0 euros), but, as far as I can tell, only to people who have accounts.
This site does not have audiobooks, but it has texts in both Chinese and English.
kealist wrote:

Crime and punishment: English Text Chinese text
Great Expectations/大前程: English Text Chinese Text
War and Peace/战争与和平: English text Chinese text
1984: English text Chinese text
Don Quixote: English Text Chinese text
Jane Eyre: English text Chinese text
Les Miserables: English text Chinese Text

L-R oriented collections

AniaR wrote:

If you're serious about L-R Japanese, you might find these audiobooks useful. All the links are legal. Parallel texts are available, too.

わたしの聖書物語の本 My Book of Bible Stories

偉大な教え手から学ぶ Learn from the Great Teacher

Le pitit prince Ano toki no ouji-kun:

Alice in Wonderland Husigi no kuni no Arisu:
up to:

Natume Souseki - Bottyan .mp3
up to: .mp3

Delete the spaces in the urls, if there are any.

Broken sites, listed in the hope that people can find mirrors, replacements, etc:
A very large collection of audiobooks, both of Russian works and of foreign ones translated into Russian. MP3. Claims to only be down temporarily. os/por_titulo - BibVert (FSI)(Portuguese).
It originally had 35 recorded novels with text, as well as a few poems, short stories, and plays, in RealMedia format. The audio links were later broken, and now the whole site is down for maintenance. Are there any working mirrors or working alternatives? 00465 - DE LEVENDE OG DE DØDE(Norwegian).
MP3 podcast of a book of the above title. The "Last Ned" of the links means "download" (thanks to Kveldulv for the explanation). Unfortunately, the domain seems to have disappeared. (aru-aru)(Portuguese).
Serialized audiobooks as MP3s - now gone. "The Little Prince" has been done, and a second novel is being added. The above URL points to a directory listing, as the more obvious and user-friendly page seems to only list the most recent chapters. Corresponding texts for "The Little Prince" were at and - but have disappeared.

This is a broken link to a religious work; the site seems to have been rearranged. There was also an audiobook in English; I don't know if it corresponds. The site is also in quite a few other languages; as of the last time I checked, Japanese and Italian do not have audiobooks. Whether other languages do, or whether the site still does at all, is unknown. - Projeto Democratização da Leitura - (siomotteikiru)(Portuguese).
Links to various audiobooks in Portuguese. First some of the links were broken, and now it's all "under maintenance". - Projekto de sonlibroj en Esperanto (ProSE) - (Esperanto).
This had a few short recordings, although it seems to have ambitious plans to add quite a lot more. It seems to have died when geocities did, unfortunately.

SESLÝ KÝTAPLAR(alexptrans)(Turkish). A variety of audiobooks, in MP3 format, mainly translations. The site seems to have been rearranged - perhaps a Turkish speaker could figure out if the audiobooks are still there?

Hindi Mini-collection

aru-aru wrote:
There seems to be very little available for Hindi, so i'll share some stuff i've managed to find. This isn't a new resource as such, the audio comes from which has been mentioned here before. What I've done is I've matched three of the audio stories with the Hindi text and English translation.

January night:
glossary (hindi and urdu)

Thakur's well:

Festival of Eid:

The salt inspector:
text (hindi)
text (urdu)
glossary has in total around 45 stories by Premchand here. Matching text can be found both here and here. That would cover 35 stories. Some search should find the rest of them quickly as well, for the author seems to be well known enough. If anyone has the translations, let me know. There is also a book Desh birana, with it's audio here and it's text on here. The "community audio" section of has some more hindi/urdu stories.

One more resource is Virtual Hindi. Last three stories are long enough for a serious student.

Toba Tek Singh - Sa'adat Hasan Manto
Hindi Urdu story Toba Tek Singh written by Sa'adat Hasan Manto and read by Anurag Sharma
text and a few translations

Former Mini-collection
I'm leaving this intact in case in can be helpful to someone, but the audio links are now broken.

Ortho wrote:
In French, there are streaming, unabridged recordings of :

Proust's "Combray"   here., and the online free French text is here.. The English text is here.

Camus' "L'Etranger" is here.. I am not sure whether there is a free source for the French text, as I own the book.

Balzac's "Pere Goriot" is here.    English Text French Text

Non-free sites (now also broken/missing) 0f33714586464c1 - Oxedion Virtual Directories.(alexptrans)(Hungarian)
Over 600 Hungarian Audiobooks. Displayed all the filenames, but required logging in with an account (which isn't free) to actually download anything.

Removed sites - Martin Nygaarg (Norwegian). It used to have variety of short mp3 'audiobooks' (around 3-10 minutes). The domain is still up and selling books, with some free extracts, but the above link is dead.

Selected comments/reviews
This section is for useful information which I worry would otherwise drown in this thread, but which is too large to inline above.

OlafP wrote:

I've just spent some time comparing the content of [1] to [2], because I instantly recognised the names of some readers. Much of the content is exactly the same. There is a lot more Flaubert and Rousseau on [2], and I would place a bet that this holds for other authors as well. On [1] Charlotte Brontë doesn't even exist, but on [2] you find a superb rendition of "Jane Eyre". A few seem to be on [1] only, like Flaubert's "Salammbô" and the first volume of Charles Dickens' "David Copperfield", but I already got the latter from the blog of the reader Victoria:

Both sites allow only one recording of each work in order to encourage readers to look for other material. This means that the sites may diverge in the future. I found that to be the case for Flaubert's "L'éducation sentimentale", which is read by René Depasse on [2] and by a certain Sylvie on [1]. This might be the biggest benefit of having two sites which do the same thing. I definitely prefer women's voices. :-)

What I find annoying on [1] is that for many novels each chapter has its own page, so downloading all of it will keep you busy for some time, whereas on [2] you get everything on one page and even all chapters in one big zip file.

Anyway, I think [1] is a good find and may become more useful if they get more alternative recordings. At the moment [2] is a lot better, especially because of the zip files, and it allows listeners to leave messages to the readers and get responses from them. I've seen a few discussions where they talk about what to record next.

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27 June 2007 at 9:27pm | IP Logged 
This site has a number of Japanese audiobooks by both Japanese as well as foreign authors, but I don't know if they are unabridged. Among the foreign authors I recognize are: Oscar Wilde, O Henry, Hans Christian Andersen, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

edit: It occurred to me that members of this forum could also collaborate to create transcripts for all these audiobooks. If individuals would volunteer to transcribe one chapter in their native language per month, we could probably go through all of them in no time at all.

Edited by sheetz on 27 June 2007 at 10:03pm

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27 June 2007 at 11:28pm | IP Logged 
sheetz wrote:

edit: It occurred to me that members of this forum could also collaborate to create transcripts for all these audiobooks. If individuals would volunteer to transcribe one chapter in their native language per month, we could probably go through all of them in no time at all.

As long as copyright allows, and there aren't already good transcripts (available at least as freely as the audiobooks), that sounds great.

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28 June 2007 at 11:52am | IP Logged 

Spanish site with origianl Spanish books and translations of classic English books.
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28 June 2007 at 12:01pm | IP Logged

A Russian audio book site with a bunch of free audio books. You can get most of the texts off sites such as or similar sites.
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28 June 2007 at 12:12pm | IP Logged 
Great idea, Volte.
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28 June 2007 at 12:17pm | IP Logged 
LilleOSC wrote:
Great idea, Volte.


That said, I think siomotteikiru deserves a lot of the credit. I wouldn't even be thinking about audio books without her great posts on how to use them effectively.

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28 June 2007 at 1:31pm | IP Logged 
For Italian, RAI has a few audiobooks. At RAI site, you need RAI->Radio3->Il Terzo Anello->Ad Alta Voce

The current link is this one. At the bottom of this page you can see the archive, which is being reorganized right now - I recall a few titles that are not there now. Some works are unabridged (Pinocchio), some are abridged.

You can get mp3 recordings via RAI podcast for the currently read work, but the archive is in ram, although it is still usable.

Edited by frenkeld on 28 June 2007 at 1:32pm

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