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List of free, legal audiobooks sites

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30 January 2009 at 12:55am | IP Logged (French)

Edited by linqvist on 31 January 2009 at 1:54am

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28 March 2009 at 4:10pm | IP Logged 
I've got some catch-up work to do updating this thread again.

In the meanwhile, I've added a direct link to EducAragón ::: Departamento de Educación, Cultura y Deporte. Gobierno de Aragón's version of Don Quixote, and updated information on the other two sources of it, which have gotten worse since I'd last looked at them.

Please tell me of any broken links, difficulties, etc - and if I'm slow about adding your link and don't give a reason here, please PM me to remind me. I'd like for this list to be as useful as possible.

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28 May 2009 at 8:03pm | IP Logged 
I just came across a site that is creating an audio version of the Russian book "Marusya." It seems like very good audio. The mp3 files can be downloaded free and the text can be viewed. It would be very easy to copy the text into a text file. The website is
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10 July 2009 at 3:48pm | IP Logged 
The folks behind uz-translations have launched an audiobook site, Unlike their original site, it contains copies of the printed material. I'm not sure how legal it is though.
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22 September 2009 at 1:34pm | IP Logged 
You can find all Italian podcast from Radio RAI here:

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22 February 2010 at 6:01pm | IP Logged 
A great one in French:

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28 February 2010 at 2:46am | IP Logged 
Not sure if this is still being updated, but here's a good one for Ancient Greek/Latin in the
restored pronunciations:

Streaming audio from selections of Homer, Sophocles, Vergil, Cicero, etc

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