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Accents in Esperanto

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07 March 2013 at 8:07am | IP Logged 
My time was three weeks in San Diego. I was a post beginner Esperantist, finishing the
E.L.N.A. postal course in four days before going to the program. Listening
comprehension intermediate and speaking was beginner, but very nervous speaking and it
seemed lower, than I thought.

The experience was great, as the person who I stayed with for one day before the
program was part of Pasporta Servo. She was patient with my Esperanto. I hit my stride
in one week and conversing regularly. I did a lot of work into it, as like all things
that is what it takes. I started to become more creative when I had to describe myself.
Three hours of class Monday to Friday. Optional excursions and presentations.

The language lab had other Esperanto books and I was shadowing and speaking "Jen Nia
Mondo" over and over on my own time. After the three weeks, I really felt there was no
way any other language, a person could be conversational compared to Esperanto.

There were other students in my post beginner class, that struggled, so each
individual varied. I was going to write about it, but I stopped Esperanto when I came
back to Canada later that year. I believe I hit basic fluency, but maintenance is
difficult. I am relearning it again and this time using this entire year to solidify
and strengthen everything.

At the time if you are a student or teacher, you can receive a discount with a
scholarship. There were no options for 1 or 2 weeks back then. I prefer the longer the
better for practice. It is much easier this time, as I have basic fluency in Spanish
and conversational in Brazilian Portuguese. I enjoyed it and do recommend the program.

I just found a site with links to other Esperanto Radio from different countries. I am
listening to the Chinese, Russian and Polish radios.

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07 March 2013 at 12:35pm | IP Logged 
luke wrote:
Марк wrote:
In general, all the phonemes must differ. It's not very
easy because there are a lot of consonants (especially sibilants) and consonant
There is quite a lot of freedom, however. We were taught that, say, palatalization of
consonants before i was OK, but ti shouldn't be pronounced like ci.
We were corrected a lot about unstressed vowels of course. The teacher tried to teach
us the sound "h", but it was useless and the group continued pronouncing hx instead.

That's all a bit over my head as far as turning your words into meaning. Apparently
you have a good bit of linguistics in your background. Your profile says "Russian",
which makes me wonder what your accent is like. I'm aware of">Radio Esperanto, which I assume has Russian Esperantists. Is there
a lot of difference between Ukrainian and Russian in your ears? Or is that too broad a
question, since English accent varies a lot within the United States, and then
comparing it to the U.K., or Australia is again different.

By the way, I was talking to my wife the other night and I told her that a
Russian English accent is prestigious in my ears.

Ukrainian itself sounds significantly different than Russian. It might result in accent
in Esperanto. Ukrainians do not unvoice consonants before voiceless consonants (which
is allowed in Espearnto), so they do not pronounce bs as ps, they do not confuse
unstressed a and o (which is typical for Russians).
In the link given by alang there is Russian radio in Esperanto, the woman speaks with
a typical Russian accent while the man, who is speaking at the beginning, has a less
caracteristic accent.

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15 April 2013 at 12:43pm | IP Logged 

Muzaiko it's a 24h internet radio which can help you quite a lot with the pronounciation. If
you are able to guess where the speaker come from... then there's an accent there. But it
doesn't really matter how you say the r... as far as you are understood. Muzaiko estas
24hora retradio kiu ja povas vin helpi por la elprononco. Se vi sukcesas diveni la devenon
de parolanton... estas io misa tie. Sed ne gravas kiel vi elparolas la ron, se vi

But Mazi en Gondolando it's the best for learning:
Sed Mazi en Gondolando estas la plej bona lernilo:

Esperanto prononciation Esperanta prononco

Edited by Alekso on 15 April 2013 at 12:54pm

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