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Accent formation video lecture

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12 March 2010 at 1:20pm | IP Logged 
Teango wrote:
True enough, you can end up with a hotchpotch of different accents if you're none too careful. The brain just treats it all like a big Pic'n'Mix and selects whatever it likes and feels comforable with. That's why it's best to use these type of activities to enrich your listening skills and understanding, and practise speaking more consistently with the real locals in an immersion environment instead.

One thing I've noticed again and again is that if you speak with a strong accent in a target language, native speakers unaccustomed to that part of the country are far more likely to mistake you for a fluent native speaker. I remember chatting with a Swedish guy in Stockholm who had an amazing Mancunian accent, and another who lived for a year in Mississippi and sounded like the real deal. As I'm currently learning German, maybe I should start speaking K├Âlsch, or even Hessisch God forbid? :)

Excuse me, but what do you mean by 'God forbid' here, please?! :P
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12 March 2010 at 1:52pm | IP Logged 
Apologies for any offence Pyx (and any of our forum members who might be from the Hessen region of course), but I find Hessisch is such a very challenging accent to get to grips with in German. Sometimes it sounds like a totally different language to me, and everything seems to end in "gell?". I had a similar experience when holidaying in the Tyrolean mountains of Alpbach in Austria one year, and just couldn't understand hardly anything at all. I wish I could understand Hessisch better too, and I do keep trying. So all kudos to anyone who can pick it up well, maybe you can share a few tips?

Regarding the phrase (covering all angles here), I come from an Irish family, here's the meaning ;)

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