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‘Coupe, coupe, coupe!’
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Accent: Pied-Noir
Date: 8/13/2005

Description of what is on the sound file:
This is a short clip from the french comedy 'La Vérité si je mens II'. In this scenes, the brothers JOURNO who run a cheque racket whereby they ask some dumb accomplice to cash fake cheques on their behalf and split the proceeds with them. Their latest accomplice is Serge BENAMOU, an easy-going, always broke young french jew of Algerian descent (as all characters in this movie). He deposited a few of their cheques but forgot to bring them back the money. The brothers come pay him a visit at his cousin's home.

The scene uses a lot of contemporary french slang that is hardly ever taught at school.

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Transcript of sound file:

[Serge Benamou is hiding behind a sofa and tries to get away. He bumps into the other brother who gives him a 'coup de boule' - hits him with his head the nose]

Ah il est là mon Sergio!

[Charly Journo, the heavy brother played by the late Tony d'Amario, takes out a switchblade and puts it to one of Benamou's fingers]

Maintenant tu vas nous rendre notre oseille.

Je commence à compter jusqu'à cinq. Ensuite jusqu'à quatre, d'accord? Un. Deux. Trois. Quatre.

Coupe, coupe, coupe! Vas-y, coupe, je vous payerai jamais. Vous pouvez m'arracher les yeux ou me brûler la bite, ça sert à rien vous aurez pas un centime. Rien! Enfin Willy, tu sais très bien que j'ai jamais rien rendu à personne, hein? Votre oseille ça fait un bail que je l'ai dépensée. Ah Ah, sans déconner je savais que vous étiez mauvais, mais là, ah ah, vous dépassez tout. Filer des chèques sans ordre à moi, ah! Faut vraiment que vous soyez limite, hein.

[Charly Journo punches his brother Willy]

Ca t'apprendra à bosser avec des nazes!

[Charly Journo now punches Serge Benamou]

[Benamou is a typical name for a jewish pied noir, the sons of European french inhabitants of the former French colony of Algery]

Ah he is there my Sergio!
[Ironic diminutive of Serge]

Now you will give us our dough back.
[Oseille is old-fashioned slang for 'money']

I start to count to five. Then to four, ok? One. Two. Three. Four.
[Charly implies that he will first count to five and cut one finger, then count to four and cut another finger, etc...]

Cut, cut, cut! You can cut, I'll never pay you. You can gouge my eyes out or burn my dick, it's useless, you will never get a dime. Nothing! Come on, Willy, you very well know that I have never returned anything to anybody, right? Your dough it's been a while I have spent it. Ah ah, seriously, I knew you were bad, but here, ah ah, you are well over the limits. Giving empty cheques to me, ah! You really must be stupid, yeah.
['un bail' means litterally 'a lease'. This familiar expression means 'a long time' here. 'Déconner' means to not be serious (slang). 'Filer' is familiar for 'to give' and 'être limite' means to be almost a retard (on the 'limit' of being one)]

It will teach you to work with wankers!
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