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‘a passage in Ukrainian’
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Non-native speaker
Accent: Russian
Date: 4/3/2007

Description of what is on the sound file:
A passage from the book Тіні забутих предків by Михайло Коцюбинський. According to my friend, I read aloud better than anyone in her Russian-speaking class in Ukraine.

Transcript of sound file:
Тепер Іван був уже леґінь, стрункий і міцний, як смерічка, мастив кучері маслом, носив широкий черес і пишну кресаню. Марічка теж вже ходила в заплітках, а се значити мало, що вона вже готова й віддатись. Не пасли більше вкупі ягнята і стрічались лиш в свято або в неділю. Сходились коло цервки або десь в лісі, щоб стариня не знала, як кохаються діти ворожих родів. Марічка любила, коли він грав на флояру. Задуманий все, встромляв очі кудись поза гори, неначе видів, чого не бачили другі, прикладав мережану дудку до повних уст, і чудна пісня, якої нихто не грав, тихо спадала на зелену отаву царинок, де вигідно послали свої тіні смереки.

Now Ivan was already a lad, as slim and strong as a a fir, he oiled his curles and wore a wide leather belt and a splendid hat. Marichka also wore ribbons, and that was to mean that she was ready for getting married. They didn't shepherd lambs together anymore, and met each other only on holidays and Sundays. They met near the church or somewhere in the forest, so that their families that were at enmity with each other wouldn't know that their children love each other. Marichka liked the way Ivan played the flute. All in his thoughts, he fixed his eyes on something somewhere behind the mountains, as if he saw something that others didn't see; he placed a patterned pipe against his lips, and a wonderful song that no one had played before silenty fell on the green eddish of the meadow, where the firs had peacefully placed their shadows.

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