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Another 6WC?

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Marc Frisch
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01 June 2007 at 6:05pm | IP Logged 
I might be interested in doing the 6WC for Hungarian. I won't be able to do it in July though for professional reasons.

As I know quite a bit of Swedish, I couldn't really do a Scandinavian language without having an advantage.

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01 June 2007 at 11:07pm | IP Logged 
Serpent wrote:
Volte wrote:
I've tried doing seven lessons a day (in Italian, shadowing Assimil); I found that this didn't work particularly well.
What exactly didn't work? I shadow up to 25 lessons at a time whenever I have enough time for it..

It still helped my pronunciation, etc, but I found I retained far less of the material, and idiomatic constructions didn't start to seem natural.

I still shadow 6 lessons at a time on a weekly basis, and as a review method, it's ok, but I don't like it as an initial approach. I don't know how well it would work after a listening-only approach for an initial familiarity with the lessons; I've definitely found that merely having some base in the language isn't enough to make it work for me.

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02 June 2007 at 3:25am | IP Logged 
senor_smile wrote:
Where do you get Assimil courses for cheap from? I've only ever seen one assimil course, and it had cassettes!!!(I don't even have a cassette player)

From Assimil, or basically any other book store.
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02 June 2007 at 3:57am | IP Logged 
OK, so basically we can have two 6WCs, A) people doing it on their own (starting now if they want) and B) people officially working on it determined to get to the end and doing proper documentation.

I agree that choosing one language isolate would be a great idea, but as most people indicated this is for fun and they want their own choice.

I propose we take suggestions for about a week. After that we begin working and finish by at least Sep 1.

Thoughts? My main concern is what do we need (information etc..) to accurately judge the techniques and methods.
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02 June 2007 at 4:09am | IP Logged 
I'm going to pass on the challenge this time as I couldn't really find the time (or discipline) to take on the original challenge. I'd rather spend my time improving the languages I'm currently working on. :)

If I *do* find time to take the challenge in future, I'd love to see how far I can get with Georgian as that's been on my hit list for months.
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02 June 2007 at 4:32am | IP Logged 
Unfortunately I will probably not be able to participate as my university exams are in July and also I would prefer to improve my Swahili now that I have a good base of it.

As for a final review of the current 6WC: I don't think it makes much sense, as so many people dropped out and others are not yet finished. However, I found the 6WC language logs very enlightening to read to get an impression about the language.
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02 June 2007 at 6:14am | IP Logged 
It is a shame that so many people are busy but needs must. I am still willing to go ahead even if the numbers are small as I would like to try my proposed method while someone else tries a different approach. It would be interesting to see if you can get a solid base in a language in 6 weeks using a 4 week intensive listening phase followed by heavy shadowing of the same dialogues.

The articles on the listening only approach are certainly interesting and the 6 week challenge lends itself perfectly for me to appraise it.

If the numbers are small then I suggest we all try the same language. I am pretty much willing to give anything a go. As you can see from my profile I only speak French, English and am making great strides in Dutch and am an intermediate level in Russian but that is on hold at the moment, any language apart from those will be fine by me.

As regards to assessing our individual methods over the 6 week challenge I propose that whatever language we decide upon we ask a native speaker here to find us a written text and even a recorded dialogue that is aimed at the beginner / intermediate level. All those taking part in the challenge can then use this text to assess their level both written and orally at the end of the 6 week period. The dialogue could consist of 500 or 1000 of the most common words aimed at an everyday situation. A native speaker may also be so kind as to write it for us and post it in the forum on a day when we have all finished. We can then all write our responses to the text.

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02 June 2007 at 7:24am | IP Logged 
I'm new to the forum and I'd like to participate! My top choices are Hungarian and Turkish but I'm open to suggestions.

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