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Another 6WC?

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15 June 2007 at 6:16am | IP Logged 
Okay, thank you very much for your efforts and enlightening me on this, Iversen and Volte.
I think all my questions have been answered.
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14 July 2007 at 5:40am | IP Logged 
Volte wrote:
Iversen wrote:

In brief flashes of utter madness I'm even been considering trying out something distinctly non-Indoeuropean like Bahasa or Turkish, though both would violate my long-term strategy of sticking to the Indoeuropean languages.

Out of curiosity, why did you choose this strategy?

I just see that I have overlooked your question, Volte. Sorry for the delay.

My main reason is that by concentrating on the European Indoeuropean languages I can use their similarities to learn many more languages in a certain time frame than I could if I chose an assortment of very different languages. I have even gained passive access to an assortment of similar languages and dialects, - for instance I can more or less read Africaans through my Dutch, even though I don't intend to add Africaans to my active languages (at least not right now, maybe later).

Besides the European languages may have different alphabets, but they don't use ideograms or weird hybrid writing systems such as some Oriental languages do, and in most cases (with English as one serious exception) the written form does allow one to infer the pronunciation. Couple this with an ample supply of texts and dictionaries/grammars, good and cheap travel opportunities and you have a group of languages that are uniquely suited to selfstudy.

Maybe I'm just lazy.

6w Icelandic running from today

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