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During the period from February 2020 through May 2020, I conducted a complete revision to the twenty-eight (28) lists of resources which I had posted on the LLORG during the previous three-year period. As revising these types of documents directly on the LLORG in the “Edit Mode” is fraught with difficulties, I removed their contents from the LLORG, stored them on my computer, and completed the revisions. During the revision process an event occurred which prevented me from reposting the contents to their original files and, as a contingency measure, I have posted them here on the HTLAL in the anticipation that either the Administrator or the Moderators of the LLORG will copy/paste them to the LLORG. - Speakeasy


Norway, officially the Kingdom of Norway, is a Nordic country in Northwestern Europe whose territory comprises the western and northernmost portion of the Scandinavian Peninsula; the remote island of Jan Mayen and the archipelago of Svalbard are also part of the Kingdom of Norway. The sub-Antarctic Bouvet Island is a dependent territory and thus not considered part of the kingdom. Norway also lays claim to the Antarctic territories of Queen Maud Land and Peter I Island. Norway has a total area of 385,207 square kilometres and a population of 5,312,300 (August 2018). The country shares a long eastern border with Sweden (1,619 km) Norway is bordered by Finland and Russia to the north-east, and the Skagerrak strait to the south, with Denmark on the other side. – Source: Wikipedia

Languages of Norway
There are many languages spoken in Norway. Of these, the Norwegian language is the most widely spoken and the main official language of the country. A short list of other languages spoken in Norway would include: Bokmål, Nynorsk, Høgnorsk, Sami languages, Kven, Romani, Rodi, as well as several foreign languages. – Source: Wikipedia
tungemål wrote:
I don't think this is completely correct, I would formulate it like this:
- Norwegian is the official language. It's got two standard forms of written language: Bokmål and Nynorsk.
- Saami enjoys a special status as an indigenous language, and is used as an official language in several municipalities alongside Norwegian
- In addition to Saami there are some minority languages that Norway is committed to preserve: Kven, Romani, Romanes.
tungemål wrote:
... About Høgnorsk: This is a very conservative variant of Nynorsk, and I don't think anyone really uses this. On the other end of the spectrum there is Riksmål, a conservative variant of Bokmål.
Norwegian Language
Norwegian (norsk) is a North Germanic language spoken mainly in Norway, where it is the official language. Along with Swedish and Danish, Norwegian forms a dialect continuum of more or less mutually intelligible local and regional varieties; some Norwegian and Swedish dialects, in particular, are very close. These Scandinavian languages, together with Faroese and Icelandic as well as some extinct languages, constitute the North Germanic languages. Faroese and Icelandic are not mutually intelligible with Norwegian in their spoken form because continental Scandinavian has diverged from them. While the two Germanic languages with the greatest numbers of speakers, English and German, have close similarities with Norwegian, neither is mutually intelligible with it. Norwegian is a descendant of Old Norse, the common language of the Germanic peoples living in Scandinavia during the Viking Era.
Today there are two official forms of written Norwegian, Bokmål (literally "book tongue") and Nynorsk ("new Norwegian"), each with its own variants. Bokmål developed from the Dano-Norwegian koiné language that evolved under the union of Denmark-Norway in the 16th and 17th centuries, while Nynorsk was developed based upon a collective of spoken Norwegian dialects. Norwegian is one of the two official languages in Norway. The other is Sami, spoken by some members of the Sami people, mostly in the Northern part of Norway. Norwegian and Sami are not mutually intelligible, as Sami belongs to the Finno-Ugric group of languages. Sami is spoken by less than one percent of people in Norway.

Norwegian is one of the working languages of the Nordic Council. Under the Nordic Language Convention, citizens of the Nordic countries who speak Norwegian have the opportunity to use their native language when interacting with official bodies in other Nordic countries without being liable to any interpretation or translation costs. – Source: Wikipedia
Study Groups, Information, etc.

[color=#0000FF">Team Nordic [study and support group"> [/color">
Norwegian Language: Learning Norwegian Language
Norsk Experiment: experiment in learning foreign languages - Apronus
Why Norwegian is the easiest language for English speakers to learn
Norwegian Profile - HTLAL - March 2005

Selected Discussions
Best Sources to Learn Norwegian - HTLAL - July 2012
Back to Norwegian literature - LLORG - November 2015
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Norwegian resources [1"> - LLORG - December 2015
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Norwegian search engine for audiobooks-ebooks? - LLORG - March 2016
Pronouncing the Norwegian alphabet - LLORG - October 2016
Scandinavian-Nordic Language Resources - HTLAL - February 2010
Seeking Norwegian Dictionary with IPA (phonetic transcription – LLORG – December 2019
Site like FluentU / Yabla for Norwegian – LLORG – February 2018


Norwegian Courses, Supplements, etc.

DLI Norwegian Basic (1960s – 1970s) - NONE

DLI Norwegian Headstart (1981)

FSI Norwegian Basic (1960s – 1970s) - NONE

Learn Norwegian: A Practical Course for Foreigners (1981, 1985), 338 pages, by S. Klouman

Linguaphone Norsk Kurs (1940s – 1960s)
Out-of-print. From the information available on the internet, this course likely appeared in the early 1950’s. The texts followed Linguaphone’s standardized model for the period.   Materials comprised a Course book, a Handbook and, in the 1960’s, recordings on 4 audio cassettes. Used physical copies, as well as digitized copies, can be found at low prices on the internet. In addition, the publisher has made an open offer to sell (digitized versions) their vintage courses dating as far back as the 1950’s.

Spoken Norwegian (1947, 1982), 416 pages, by Einar Haugen
Spoken Norwegian (1947, 1982) by Einar Haugen – AUDIO (restricted access)
Reading Norwegian (1940, 1970s), 208 pages by Einar Haugen
Developed to meet the needs of U.S. Armed Forces personnel during WWII. Employed the nascent audio-lingual method. Sets of 78 rpm vinyl records accompanied the half-sized course books. Reprinted circa 1970 by Spoken Language Services. File are hosted on the Indiana University’s CeLT Recorded Materials Archive website (access is restricted to faculty, staff, registered students, and I believe, alumni).

U.S. Peace Corps Norwegian (1960s – 1990s) - NONE


Norwegian Courses, Supplements, etc.

Assimil Le norvégien (sans peine), 708 pages, by Tom Holta Heide & Françoise Liégaux Heide
Assimil Norwegisch ohne Mühe, 496 pages, by Tom Holta Heide & Françoise Liégaux Heide
Presently available in FRENCH and German only. By the difference in the number of pages, it would seem that the current German 'edition' of the course is still the previous 'generation'.

Beginner's Norwegian (2005) by Laura Ziukaite-Hansen - Hippocrene Books

Beginning Norwegian (1957), 228 pages, by Einar Haugen; George G.Harrap & Co Ltd
– Teach Yourself Books[/url]

Colloquial Norwegian (2nd ed., 2016) by Margaret Hayford O'leary – Routledge

Complete Norwegian (3rd ed., 2010) by Margaretha Danbolt-Simons

DLI GLOSS Norwegian - NONE

DLI Headstart2 Norwegian - NONE

Duolingo: Learn Norwegian (Bokmål) in just 5 minutes a day. For free. - online

FutureLearn: Introduction to Norwegian

Glossika Norwegian (Nynorsk)

Hugo Norwegian Three Month Language Course (1997), by Oivind Blom
Out-of-print, but copies can still be found on the internet.

Learn Norwegian: A Practical Course in Spoken and Written Norwegian (1995) by Sverre Klouman - I B D Ltd

Learn Norwegian Naturally - online

Lehrbuch der norwegischen Sprache (2006, 2011) by Erik Stokland - Buske Verlag
Available in German only.

Lingua Sunrise Norwegian - online, downloadable files

Michel Thomas Start Norwegian (2015) by Angela Shury-Smith

My Little Norway: Discover the Kingdom of the North - website
My Little Norway - YouTube
A blog about 2 people in Norway, one native speaker and one who’s learning Norwegian. They also have a bunch of lessons on the blog for learning Norwegian.

Mystery of Nils, The (Part 1) - Norwegian Course for Beginners (2014) - Werner Skalla, Sonja Anderle
Mystery of Nils, The (Part 2 ???) Mysteriet om Nils. Lær norsk med en spennende historie. Norskkurs for deg som kan noe norsk fra før (nivå B1-B2)

National Foreign Language Center (NFLC) Norwegian – University of Maryland - NONE

Norsk, nordmenn og Norge 1: Textbook for Beginning Norwegian
Teacher’s Manual for Norsk, nordmenn og Norge 1: Beginning Norwegian
Norsk, nordmenn og Norge 2, Antologi: Textbook for Intermediate Norwegian
Antologi Workbook/Arbeidsbok For Norsk nordmenn og Norge 2
Different dates of publication: all of the above - University of Wisconsin Press

Norsknett – online resources for students and teachers of Norwegian

Norwegian ABC - online

NorwegianClass101 - LanguagePod101) - website
NorwegianClass101 - LanguagePod101– YouTube

Norwegian Teacher: Karin - YouTube

Norwegian: The Tutorial - Learn Norwegian Online

NOW: Norwegian on the Web Introduction - NTNU

Ny i Norge: Tekstbok (1990) by Gerd Manne- Fag og Kultuer
Ny i Norge - online
Bo i Norge Tekstbok (2000) by Gerd Manne- Fag og Kultuer
Ny I Norge contains a textbook, audio readings of the conversations in the textbook, a workbook and listening comprehension exercises. Bo I Norge is a textbook for more advanced learners (for use after Ny I Norge).

På vei by Cappelen Damm – books and online materials for the study of Norwegian
Stein på stein by Cappelen Damm – books and online materials for the study of Norwegian
Her på berget by Cappelen Damm – books and online materials for the study of Norwegian
Aimed at adult immigrants. All three books consist of a textbook, a workbook and audio files. They consist of three levels of which På Vei is the 1st, Stein På Stein the second and finally Her På Berget the third. Each of the books have free exercises online.

Pimsleur Norwegian I, II – Simon & Schuster

Praktisk Norsk I & II by Cappelen Damm – online materials for the study of Norwegian
From the same series as På vei etc. Also has free exercises.
Sett i gang I & II by Cappelen Damm – online materials for the study of Norwegian

Norwegian Phrasebooks, Language Guides, etc.

Berlitz Phrase Book & Dictionary Norwegian (2018), 224 pages; Berlitz Language

English-Norwegian Phrasebook (2014), 145 pages, by Harald Pennson; Independently published

Kauderwelsch Norwegisch, by O'Niel V. Som; Reise Know-How
Kauderwelsch Sprachführer Norwegisch - Wort für Wort: (16th ed., 2015), 176 pages
Kauderwelsch AusspracheTrainer Norwegisch – AUDIO Recordings
Available in German only. Phrasebook and AUDIO recordings (extracts only). Sold separately.

Lonely Planet Fast Talk Norwegian (2018), 96 pages, by Daniel Cash et al.; Lonely Planet

Mango Languages Norwegian - online

Norwegian-English/English-Norwegian Dictionary & Phrasebook (2003), 200 pages, by J. Gill Holland; Hippocrene Books

Norwegian Phrasebook: The Ultimate Norwegian Phrasebook for Travelers and Beginners (Audio Included) (2016), 83 pages; Norwegian Mastery

Norwegian Grammars, Verbs, Pronunciation, etc.
The list below is not exhaustive, it is a sample of the numerous grammars available for Norwegian.

======= Accents, Morphology, Phonology, Pronunciation, etc. =======

CALST: Pronunciation Practice (Your Computer-assisted Listening & Speaking Tutor)
Random Review wrote:
Apologies if already mentioned above and I missed it; but I've been playing a little with Norwegian during the lockdown and came across what has to be the best free pronunciation resource I've ever seen (apart from access to a very patient native speaker lol). Only thing I've ever seen that even comes close is FSI German. Particularly useful as (spoiler alert) pronunciation seems to be the only difficult thing about this language so far. Certainly the grammar and vocabulary seem so far to be probably the easiest of any language I've seen so far (although the possessives are cool); but the pronunciation is fiendish.

Tonal Accents in Norwegian: Phonology, morphology and lexical specification (Linguistische Arbeiten Book 535) (2010), 200 pages, by Allison Wetterlin- De Gruyter

======= Grammar: General =======

Formal Grammar: Theory and Variation across English and Norwegian (2017), 458 pages, by Terje Lohndal – Routledge / Taylor & Francis

Norwegian: An Essential Grammar (1994) by Åse-Berit Strandskogen et al – Routledge / Taylor & Francis

Norwegian: A Comprehensive Grammar (2018), 208 pages, by Philip Holmes et al – Routledge / Taylor & Francis

Norwegian Grammar (5th ed., 1985), 81 pages, by Bjarne Berulfsen - Arthur Vanous Co.

Norwegian Tutor: Grammar and Vocabulary Workbook (2018), 336 pages, by Guy Puzey et al - Teach Yourself Books

Practical Norwegian Grammar (2nd ed., 1989), 202 pages, by Rolf Strandskogen et al - Arthur Vanous Co.

======= Grammar: Modals, Prepositions, Verbs, etc. =======

Norwegian Modals (Studies in Generative Grammar [SGG"> Book 74) (2011), 469 pages, by Kristin Melum Eide - De Gruyter Mouton

Norwegian prepositions: and other small words that can drive you crazy (2019), 82 pages, by Ruth H. Sanders - Independently published

Norwegian Verbs And Essentials of Grammar (1999), 167 pages, by Louis Janus - McGraw-Hill

Verbal Prepositions and Argument Structure: path, place and possession in Norwegian 121st ed., 2008), 187 pages, by Mai Ellin Tungseth- John Benjamins Publishing

Verbix : Norwegian (bokmål) verb conjugation - online

====== Scandaninvian Languages: Comparison, History, etc. =======

Languages of Scandinavia: Seven Sisters of the North, The (2017), 224 pages, by Ruth H. Sanders; University of Chicago Press

Scandinavian Languages: An Introduction to Their History, The (1976), 516 pages, by Einar Haugen; Harvard University Press

Scandinavian Language Structures: A Comparative Historical Survey (Sprachstrukturen Reihe A: Historische Sprachstrukturen) (1982), 225 pages, by Einar Haugen; Max Niemeyer Verlag

Norwegian Dictionaries, etc.
The list below is not exhaustive, it is a sample of the numerous dictionaries available for Norwegian.

Berlitz Norwegian/English Dictionary (1998), 368 pages; Berlitz Publishing

Available as apps for iOS and Android and as printed dictionaries.

English / Norwegian Dictionary: Norsk / Engelsk ordbok (2018), 310 pages, by John C. Rigdon; CreateSpace Independent Publishing

Lexilogos: Dictionnaire norvégien – online (in French)

Med andre ord. Den store synonymordboka med omsetjingar til nynorsk
While this is surely a very good dictionary, given its price, member tractor questions the value for students of Norwegian.

Norsk-Engelsk Ordbok: Norwegian-English Dictionary (3rd ed., 1995), 533 pages, by Einar Haugen; Scandinavian University Press
Contains both Nynorsk and Bokmål entries and, apparently, indicates tones. The Introduction purportedly makes for interesting reading by English-speaking students of Norwegian.

Norsk Ordbok - online
A dictionary for Nynorsk and dialect words. It has only got entries from I to Å because the first volumes don't exist in digital form. Work on the dictionary started in 1930 and it was finished 2014.

Norsk Ordbok – Ivar Asen: Norsk Ordbog med dansk Forklaring (1873)
Link provided by member tractor
Iversen wrote:
Actually I have downloaded the old one by Aasen long time ago by saving screendumps of each page (long and tedious process), but it seems to be quite outdated.
tractor wrote:
It's available online. And yes, it is indeed outdated.

Norwegian-Norwegian dictionary (Bokmål) - online
Has 225.000 entries and indicates pronunciation and, at times, pronunciation alternatives; indicate tones, but no IPA.

Norwegian Practical Dictionary (2011) ), 600 pages, by Laura Žiūkaitė-Hansen; Hippocrene Books

Ordlister til skulebruk
A list of small dictionaries approved for use by Norwegian school children.
Available as apps for iOS and Android and as printed dictionaries.

tractor wrote:
...I came across this article: “Nynorsk ordbokshistorie - eit oversyn” by Lars, S. Vikør, nload/1314/1219
It contains lists of almost every Nynorsk dictionary ever published.

tussentaal wrote:
This dictionary uses IPA symbols: PONS: Online Wörterbuch

Theme-based dictionary British English-Swedish - 5000 words (2013), 146 pages, by Andrey Taranov; T&P Books Publishing

Norwegian Readers, Literature, etc.
The list below is not exhaustive, it is a sample of the numerous readers and other examples of Norwegian literature.

Bellona - online
Environmental news online in Norwegian

Google Nyheter
Google News in Norwegian

Harry Potter og De vises stein: Harry Potter 1 by J.K. Rowling - Pottermore Publishing
This is part of the “Harry Potter” series. Other stories in the series are also available in Norwegian.

Journalisten - online
Online news in Norwegian

Languages on the Web - Parallel Texts - online
NOTA BENA: The Lonweb page comprises several sections each of which contains links to a separate selection of materials.

Learn Norwegian Bokmål with Beginner Stories
As far as I can tell, this is one of a (proposed) series of readers.

Learn Norwegian - Easy Reader | Easy Listener - Parallel Text (Audio Course)
As far as I can tell, this is one of a (proposed) series of readers.

Learn Norwegian with Parallel Text - POXE/ref=dp_byline_cont_ebooks_1
As far as I can tell, this is one of a (proposed) series of readers.

Librivox: Norwegian

Naiv. Super.: Volume 1 (Nelsbok)
Naiv. Super – downloadable AUDIO
Naiv. Super – downloadable AUDIO

Norwegian New Testament - online
The entire New Testament in Norwegian

Project Gutenberg: Norwegian

As far as I can tell, this is one of a (proposed) series of readers.
Short Stories in Norwegian for Beginners

Norwegian Miscellany

Charlotte Thorstvedt : Norske Ess - YouTube

Nordavinden og sola: Oversikt over dialektprøver - online
Contains sound files of texts in various Norwegian dialects.

norgally12 - YouTube

Norsklærer Karense - YouTube

Member Iceberg reported in December 2018 that Quora is developing a version in Norwegian

Silje Moss: Norsk med silje - YouTube

Norwegian Media
The list below is not exhaustive, it is a sample of of Norwegian media.

======= Radio, Podcasts =======

Weekly podcasts with news, ~40 minutes in clearly spoken Norwegian.

Norwegian Internet Radio and Online News Radio – complied by Multilingual Books

NRK Alltid nyheter (radio)

NRK Klassik (radio)

NRK P1 (radio)

NRK P2 (radio)

NRK P2 Petra (radio)

NRK Podkast

P4 Lyden av Norge (radio)

Radiolist (radio)
A list of additional Norwegian radio channels.

Radio Norge (radio)

======= Television =======

NRK TV -- Norwegian national broadcaster.
NRK is the Norwegian national broadcaster. A lot of the programs are free.

Apparently, while some features are freely available, TV2 is mostly a pay-for-view service.

TV3 broadcasts more foreign (to Norway) programs which are more limited by drm.

TVNorge – live stream
TVNorge – YouTube
Apparently, TVNorge is a pay-for-view service.

Vartland – online news

Please feel at liberty to post your own recommendations and/or comments and I’ll see what I can do about incorporating them into the lists above.

Visitors to this file are encouraged to review the subsequent comments, posted below, as they include members’ suggestions concerning materials and form a running commentary on resources for the study of this language.

Major revision: April 2020

Edited by Speakeasy on 05 May 2020 at 7:15pm

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