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Studies: Portuguese, Italian

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06 August 2019 at 10:22am | IP Logged 
    This is my first log. I start learning Portuguese my way by comparing it to Spanish and
    I don't know how to make a log. I'm not very good with forums and I apologize if I make
mistakes in posting.

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Speaks: Bulgarian*, English, SpanishA2
Studies: Portuguese, Italian

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06 August 2019 at 11:21am | IP Logged 
      About 10 years ago I thought it could be very good to try to learn some languages
that were close to Spanish i.e. Italian and Portuguese. Some friends told me that this
be very difficult because of interference between studied languages. But I wanted to try at
least and started with Italian. I had a personal teacher and took clases 1 hour per week. I
realized that traditional learning with lessons starting from alphabet was very boring. And
I realized that I knew many grammar things and some words. When I passed a few lessons I
asked my teacher to try a different approach - I said how something from the grammar is in
Spanish and then she told me how was in Italian. I very like this approach, it is difficult
for me and maybe for the teacher. I spent half an year with lessons and then made a break
for a few months. After that I tried to test myself for interference. I had some
interference but only in some places.
     Now I want to try this approach with Portuguese. Many years I collect books, grammars,
files, textbooks, dictionaries and other stuff about Portugues and of course about Spanish,
Italian and English. I read a lot forum topids about Portuguese here and in other sites -
try to choose a suitable materials. Finally I'll try to summarize my preparations.
     1. I made a list of all my books for learning Portugues and add this list to the list
of all my books for learning English,Spanish,Italian and etc.
     2. I made a column "Portuguese" in my table for learning time in Google Spreadsheets.
I see something similar in a forum thread here some years ago. Maybe this?

     3. I installed Portuguese keyboard and start to try it.
     4. Changed the language of Edge browser to read news in Portuguese.
     5. I read two grammar book
     6. Read twice FSI: From Spanish to Portuguese - I think this will be my learning book.
     7. I watched lessons of Professor Pasquale Explica
     8. I search for words lists, sites, videos and etc but with comparison between
Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.
   And this is for now. Continue searching an information about old grammar books and good
additional stuff.

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Speaks: Bulgarian*, English, SpanishA2
Studies: Portuguese, Italian

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07 August 2019 at 11:19am | IP Logged 
     I reviewed some of my bookmarks in my browser. I'll try to post them sorted by
learning languages. Hope I cope with formatting.
    Decided to add some additional stuff and sites about English because it is not my
native language and I struggle with it about 30 years. I don't know whether these sites are
usefull for someone because many of them are in a beginner level. But I want to contribute
a little to this wonderful forum.


  1. Instituto Camoes

  2. European Portuguese pronunciation

  3. Practice Portuguese - European

  4. Dictionary BG-ES-EN-IT

  5. Brazilpod - Portuguese
    Communication Exercises


  7. Portuguese for
    Spanish speakers

  8. Instituto Camoes - Links

  9. Corso di Portoghese Brasiliano

  10. Portuguese learning

  11. Conjugue qualquer verbo em português

  12. Tudo sobre os verbos

  13. Dicionario Priberam

  14. Material didáctico

  15. V1&p=11">História Geral de Cabo Verde

  16. Infopedia - Dicionarios Porto Editora

  17. RTP Africa en direito

  18.         D1%80%D1%82%D1%83% D0%B3% D0%B0% D0%BB% D1%81% D0%BA%D0%B8">Ак� �� �демични

  19. Easy Portuguese

  20. BBC - Portuguese

  21. Dominio Publico -

  22. Joint Language University

  23. Portuguese Radio

  24. Verb practice

  25. test.html">Proficiency test - Portuguese


  1. Spanish language resources
    in Bulgarian

  2. Study Spanish - online lessons

  3. FJ de la Cuesta - RECUERDOS DE MI PASO POR EL

  4. Lawless Spanish

  5. Sites to explore Spanish

  6. Ejercicios

  7. Vocabulario

  8. Gramatica

  9. Materiales didácticos para alumnos y profesores de español
    como lengua extranjera (ELE)

  10. Learn To Speak The Real Spanish You’ll Never Find
    in a Textbook or Classroom!

  11. Center for open educational resources and
    language learning

  12. Spanish Audio Gazette - audio
    resources about Spanish dialects

  13. Mapa lingüístico de América

  14. Spanish, English, Chinese, Korean - Flash Cards, MP3
    Creator, Student Testing

  15. Learn Any Language

  16. Learn Spanish by watching videos in an online
    video player designed for language learners.

  17. La piu grande comunita Italiana di studenti di

  18. Biblioteca Virtual Universal-una de las
    más grandes colecciones de libros digitalizados en idioma español

  19. Diccionario Clave

  20. Diccionario El Mundo


  22. Modelos de examen

  23. Enlaces de interés a páginas
    de autoaprendizaje sobre el español

  24. Recetas

  25. Словари и энциклопедии на

  26. Filología Hispánica - Cátedra de
    la Universidad Nacional de La Plata

  27. BBC - Mi vida loca

  28. Ejercicios de vocabulario


  1. Radio Arlecchino


  3. Noi parliamo Italiano

  4. Guida Grammatica Italiana

  5. Seção de Língua Italiana do site
    Mundo Educação

  6. Italian verbs conjugator

  7. News in slow Italian - Grammar

  8. Frasi e Aforismi Straordinari *

  9. Dizionario Italiano -
    Corriere della sera
  11. Dizionari di
  13. Sinonimi e contrari

  14. Reverso Context Italiano-

  15. Progetto Italica -
    Libro di Grammatica


  17. Il nuovo dizionario de Mauro
  19. CaffèScuola - Italiano per stranieri – Lezioni,
    esercizi e libri

  20. Dizionario Italiano - Enrico Olivetti

  21. xsl=2436&s=17&v=9&c=4463&id=214520">Grammatica storica della lingua e dei dialetti
  23. Corso di


  1. DIGALEGO - Dicionario de

  2. Fonética e Fonoloxía do Galego -
    Departamento de Lingua Galega e Literatura

  3. Wikibooks - Curso de lingua

  4. TVG - Television de
    Galicia - en directo

  5. My - Galician

  6. Centro Ramón Piñeiro para a Investigación en Humanidades

  7. O portal
    da lingua galega

  8. Dicionario de pronuncia da lingua galega


  1. Latin
    dictionary in Italian

  2. Latin literature

Romance Languages

  1. Descriptive grammars of Romance languages and

  2. Dictionary of periphrastic
    verbs in Romance languages

  3. Comparison of
    Italian and Spanish

  4. Site about Romance languages

  5. Learn languages online with free
    lessons and audio recordings by native speakers

  6. Comparative Grammar of the Romance

  7. Language Lessons

  8. Learn a new language


  1. Cambridge

  2. English Vocabulary
    Profile` (registration needed)

  3. English Grammar
    Profile Online

  4. Graded English books

  5. English tips

  6. Quizlet - top
    10000 words in English - flashcards

Useful Sites

  1. Enter your text and the app will convert your
    written words into an MP3 audio file

  2. Sound of the text

  3. Blog about learning languages

  4. BabelNet

  5. Proficiency tests
  6. flashcards

Public Domain Courses and Other Resources

  1. DLI

  2. Public Domain Courses and Other

  3. Duolingo

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Joined 3313 days ago

9 posts - 2 votes
Speaks: Bulgarian*, English, SpanishA2
Studies: Portuguese, Italian

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10 August 2019 at 3:43pm | IP Logged 
Day 1 - end of preparations. I decided to start learning Portuguese with 2 text books -
40 leçons pour parler portugais (in Bulgarian with 2 cds) and Teach yourself
(in Bulgarian, 2003 edition without cassettes). I like them very much, tried
them two years ago but I couldn't find enough free time to start seriously. From time to time
I tried some sites and books in Portuguese, tried to listen TV, some podcasts, and I
understood almost nothing from the European variant and much more from the Brazilian one. I
very like grammar lessons of professor Pasquale - he has a very clear pronunciation and I
listen lessons two times. But when someone speaks fast or not clear I lost the context.

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Speaks: Bulgarian*, English, SpanishA2
Studies: Portuguese, Italian

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02 September 2019 at 5:09pm | IP Logged 
Almost month passed. A brief revision of my studies:
- Teach yourself Portuguese - I learnt first 5 lessons
- 40 leçons pour parler portugais - I learnt first 16 lessons(lessons are small)
- added all new words in Anki with Brazilian pronunciation (I couldn't find an European
- started to learn them
- made a phonetic drills with - I want to teach myself correctly
to pronounce both European and Brazilian variants. My goal is to become understanding
speech especially from Europe.
- try to listen TV from Angola - News
I made a revision of my previous atempts to learn Portuguese. On Transparent Proficiency
Test - Brazilian Portuguese I had a 69% total - 80% and 93% Grammar, 70% Vocabulary and 13%
Reading comprehension. This was 2-3 years ago. Spanish results are similar - 71% total but
80% and 84% Grammar, 57% Vocabulary and 53% Reading comprehension. Now I make an Italian
test (I was learning Italian 5 year ago, I have to refresh it) and i got 63% total (very
low - shame on me) - Grammar 64% and 40% , Vocabulary -87% and Reading comprehension - 70%.
I have these difficulties - it is strange to me to use "lh" and "nh" - I don't know why.
Some sounds are difficult for me - "ou", ã, em , õ. I will practise them a lot. Brazilian
pronounciation is very easy for me, but European is more difficult, the "e" and "i"
mutations in the beginning and in the middle of the word are too much for me. I try to read
and listen words but can't find enough words with European pronunciation. Lessons are a
little bit boring for me but I try to focus on new words and phonetic drills.
    As usually I summarize my grammar and vocabulary explanations in a Word file. I started
before a presentation on PowerPoint about irregular verbs in Portuguese. I start modifying
it with the intention to classify verbs by groups of irregularities. I made similar
presentations for Italian and Spanish and I find them very useful for memorizing
conjugations of irregular verbs.

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Speaks: Bulgarian*, English, SpanishA2
Studies: Portuguese, Italian

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27 January 2020 at 8:02pm | IP Logged 
2019 is gone. So I have to make a review of my studies.
Portuguese I started to make phonetic drills and excercises in my study book. It was
boring but I think phonetic repetition was good for me. I struggled most with word
memorizing and in reading. So I started Anki deck. It is difficult to find pronunciation of
European Portuguese - like mp3s or wavs to put it into Anki. I found only a dictionary with
IPA transcription - I made some phonetic
exercises in my favourite podcasts and found podcasts only for European Portuguese. So I
read the articles and started to listen the podcasts and some shorted videos. I had 3.6h
listening and about 2h reading in 2019. This is not enough but I have 18.1h listening in
2020 and
this is a good start. I still do not make effort to speak and write. I think I have to read
more and learn new words and continue with my vocal drills. I want to try FSI course "From
Spanish to Portuguese". I made the vocal drills but was not focused on the book itself.
   I have some readind and writing problems especially with verb conjugations. I tried to
learn the correct pronunciation and to learn myself to "hear" it and spelled it. So I read
in Portuguese some articles about but in vain. I cannot predict how to pronounce a word
accent mark. So I continue my grammar notes and add some useful information from sites and
grammar books. Also I am making PowerPoint presentations with some irregular verbs - I
found this useful for me to understand the groups of irregularities (in Spanish and Italian
). I struggled with rules of Acordo ortografico and Sistema de acentuação
gráfica some years before. I cannot predict exact where is the accent it it is not
explicitly pointed.

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Studies: Portuguese, Italian

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27 January 2020 at 8:57pm | IP Logged 
Now about Italian. I found some podcasts and video channels in YouTube and started
to followed them and listen them. Also I watched 2 seasons of Commissar Rex Special Unit
with subtitles in Bulgarian. I made 25.5h listening for 2019 and 19.5h for 2020. This helps
me a lot - not only improve my speaking but improve my comprehension especially when I try
to understand fast speaking. Also I listen many tips and tricks videos in English and
Italian about learning Italian and languages at all. I try to make notes in Italian - it is
hard to me to write fast and make mistakes but I try it. It is very fun and pleasant for
me. Additionally I read 1/2 of Zanichelli grammar in Bulgarian trying to fill my gaps. I am
very happy that startedd to search in Italian, to read articles about words meanings in
Italian from Treccani. Also started to write in Italian - to write a diary about my
progress in learning. I started to write in Word with Italian keyboard and spell checker
installed to catch most of my errors and to fight with them. I found that I have some
difficulties with doubled consonants and with preposizioni articolati. I made an Anki deck
with pronunciation and started to exercise. I think I have to continue reading articles
from internet but not only. I have to read some type of texts - news, books, comics etc.
because my vocabulary is poor and I produce boring texts.

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Studies: Portuguese, Italian

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27 January 2020 at 9:24pm | IP Logged 
And my beloved Spanish language. I started massively to listen video and audio
and some cortometrajes and follow some YouTube channels. So I made 9.3h listening in 2019
13.9h in 2020 but I think it is not sufficient. I understand a lot but I have difficulties
with high-speed speaking and accents from all over the world. So I focused on understanding
some major accents or dialects - from Argentina, Chile, Andalucia, Mexico. I listen VIII
Congress of Instituto Cervantes - so many accents but slowly to moderate speaking.
Additionally I started to listen some documentaries on DW Español and understand almost
everything. Also read a book about history of the Spanish language. I decide to start a
in Spanish for my progress with the language like in Italian and Portuguese. My only
is that I am not persistent.

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