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Interest of foreigners in minor languages

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Russian Federation
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22 December 2017 at 6:23pm | IP Logged 
Hi everyone! I wonder, is there anyone in the world interested in the Belarusian language (or actively learning it)? I'm a teacher of Russian for foreigners and I learnt Belarusian for 11 years at school, although I've never used it in conversations. I think, if I spend a relatively short time, I can restore it in my memory and teach it, but.. is it theoretically possible to find anyone interested?
If you know something about the current situation with Welsh, Nahuatl, some American indigenous languages and so on, it also would be helpful.
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04 January 2018 at 1:02am | IP Logged

Most members have moved to the above site, ask your question there.
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09 January 2018 at 6:59am | IP Logged 
There is a woman Studying Belarusian on the other site. I study Finnish, is that a minor language?
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06 October 2018 at 4:13am | IP Logged 
In Pimsleur lessons they teach you osatoo wa irimasen equals I don't want sugar in my coffee during times when someone offers you a coffee to have.

Why is it wa and not wo instead?

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07 October 2018 at 7:19pm | IP Logged 
Hello, IronFist,

A few matters for your consideration:

As a first matter, the language: I used Google Translate for the expression “osatoo wa irimasen” and it indicated that this is Japanese for “I do not care for you.” I do not speak Japanese and will leave you to review whether or not your transcription is correct.

As a second matter, the Pimsleur Method and Grammar: The Pimsleur Method does not introduce the structure of a language directly. Rather, the creator of the method believed that an attentive student would be able to infer the structure of a foreign language through the thoughtful review of repeated examples of the language. This approach resembles, to a certain extent, minutely-controlled immersion. So then, the solution to your problem would be either (a) to complete the Pimsleur Method, deriving all and any benefits therefrom that you can, and then move on to a more traditional language-learning method where the structure of the language will be more clearly presented, or (b) to acquire a “simple” grammar of the target language and to figure out what is going on the in Pimsleur lessons. Yes, I know, this might seem like a lot of extra work, but it will be rewarding.

As a third matter: this language forum: Following a lengthy review and discussion of the persistent and unresolvable technical and administrative problems related to the maintenance of the How-To-Learn-Any-Language (HTLAL) forum, the agonising decision was reached to launch a REPLACEMENT forum using a new platform. The new forum was launched in July, 2015.

Since the launching of the replacement forum, some three years ago, activity on the HTLAL has declined to level that any reasonable person would qualify as virtually nil. While the HTLAL remains a much-appreciated archive of information and discussions on all aspects touching upon independent language-learning, the "active" discussions now take place on the replacement forum. For this reason, should you be interested in engaging with the "active community", I suggest that you REGISTER on the REPLACEMENT forum.



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