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Problem using

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2017 02 October at 1:32pm | IP Logged 
I know that this should probably be in the Internet Resources forum, but the last post in there was over a year ago, so I'm guessing nobody even looks at it.

I use on my laptop (Firefox) to add accents and inverted questions/exclamations, and have been doing so for a couple of years. However after a recent Firefox update (within the last week I think), the box where you type has disappeared from the site making the site unusable. I've checked the French and Italian versions as well, and they have the same problem.

I run NoScript and Privacy Badger, but those don't seem to be the issue. I'm wondering if anyone else has encountered the same problem, or if anyone has any suggestions how I might fix it. I know there are alternative sites out there, so if I can't fix it, I'll use one of them. But it does exactly what I need so I'd prefer to keep using it if possible.

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2017 25 October at 12:03am | IP Logged 
I don't know if you've found the alternative forum at,
it's a little more active.

I've tried on both Chrome and Firefox and it seems fine (nice big
box for me to type into and a few buttons above it for the slightly harder to type
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