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2016 16 October at 10:04pm | IP Logged 
So after two months of what I though I was learning Spanish. Went to Spain last week and vola,
nada. It was like having a constant writers block, I understood some partial things and could
figure some things out. But feel like many of the words learnt had little use.
But completely unable to come up with worthwhile complete sentences.
It is like the scripted material learnt from books does not compare with the dynamic real
Back to the drawing board?
I was not expecting to be an advanced level, but I thought I would understand a lot more.

I get the feeling that it is better to learn words in context based sentences and master those
sentaeces structures first?
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2016 18 October at 3:05am | IP Logged 
Hello! A little more than a year ago, as a result of persistent and often-difficult-to-resolve technical and administrative issues related to the on-going maintenance of the HTLAL Forum, a NEW FORUM was launched. While the HTLAL remains functional, most of the "active members" of the HTLAL have registered on the new forum and, consequentially, it is unlikely that anyone will respond to your post. I suggest that you register on the new forum and open your discussion thread there. As far as I understand, there is a three-day delay before you can complete your User Profile for matters such as languages studied, location, etcetera. Here is the LINK to the new forum: A LANGUAGE LEARNER'S FORUM

If decide to register with the new forum and post your question to the members, I suggest that you provide them with a little more information. For example, you say that you have been studying Spanish for the past two months. What materials have you been using? What has been your general approach to studying with these materials? How many hours per day have you been studying? What are your near-term and long-term goals for studying Spanish? With respect to your experience, were you simply ordering food in a restaurant or were you trying to engage a native-speaker in a wide-ranging discussion? Providing this additional information will assist the forum members provide more directed advice.

Your experience is not at all unique ... EVERYBODY experiences some form of blockage!
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