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David Zen-Polyglot Chameleon

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08 July 2014 at 6:58am | IP Logged 
David Zen-Polyglot Chameleon

Polyglot Chameleon (English, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, French, German)

There are many different paths to polyglottery.
Very few of them, however, such as ProfArguelles, have been pursuing it for
professional reasons with great dedication that produces a true 'master'.

Here is a young man who had received a very decisive impulse and inspiration to pursue
the path of polyglottism during a critical crisis in his life, which had totally
shattered and crushed his professional aspirations and personal life.
Out of the ashes and pain of the devastation of his life, a new inspiration suddenly
drops down on him and he comes to find a radically new direction and sense of purpose
in his life. He pursues it unrelentingly with determined concentration and all his
energies through more than 12 years of his life.
In the videos, he shares his life story and his journey in the polyglottism and the
language skills that he had acquired thus far.

His journey started on the solid foundation of bilingualism in Asian and Indo-European
languages, in Chinese and English, and builds up on these bases a remarkably solid and
comprehensive superstructure.
Aside from personal reasons, the major thrust of his enterprise is powered by his very
clearly defined professional goal and dream, to be able to play the role of a polyglot
in film, a polyglot chameleon, so to speak.
Thus he has been targeting on the quality over quantity, to acquire a working
professional level in his languages, with emphasis on the expressiveness, naturalness
and native-like level in actual usage of them.

His videos are very touching because they are not just demonstrating his language
skills, but they are displaying the very embodiment of the passionate determination
that has completely restructured and reshaped a young man and his professional
competence over the period of 12 years through intense and unrelenting effort.

It always gives me a great joy and inspiration to see the outstanding excellence in
whatever field one may dedicate oneself to, all the more so, when there is a dramatic
personal life story behind its driving motivation.

A dream that burns in one's heart with such intensity and staying power must have been
imbued and not just concocted up frivolously.

May the dream unfold itself on the screen of life....

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