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Hugues Baudrillart, with 26 languages

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07 July 2014 at 9:42pm | IP Logged 
A truly brilliant French polyglot with interesting personal stories for all of his
24(26) languages and quite a wide range of language families. Two more languages,
Hebrew and Persian, are added later(see two more links below).

His exceptional passion for learning languages and communicating with the people from
other cultures and lands was quite inspirational and moving.

From the video, it seems that he had worked as a teacher with students from various
countries for many years.

A French polyglot practicing 24 languages

Published on Jul 1, 2013

"1) 00:27 French
2) 01:09 German
3) 02:14 English
4) 03:09 Latin
5) 04:27 Spanish
6) 05:32 Portuguese
7) 06:50 Italian
8) 07:58 Modern Greek
9) 08:54 Finnish
10) 09:50 Swedish
11) 10:44 Hungarian
12) 11:57 Czech
13) 12:55 Polish
14) 14:31 Russian
15) 15:48 Arabic
16) 17:20 Turkish
17) 18:06 Hindi
18) 19:20 Indonesian
19) 20:32 Mongolian
20) 21:49 Vietnamese
21) 22:53 Cantonese
22) 24:15 Korean
23) 25:18 Japanese
24) 26:58 Mandarin Chinese
25) Hebrew:
26) Persian:

Hi! In this video, I am practicing most of the languages I've studied so far. I am not
very good at speaking many of them and actually I am not a 'hyperpolyglot' as one could
expect in reading the title of the video. I am just a monolingual fond of learning
various foreign languages. Your comments and suggestions written in various languages
are very welcome. Thanks a lot!"

25 Hebrew
26 Persian

He says that he is not a 'hyperpolyglot' but "just a monolingual fond of learning
various foreign languages". I would say that he has given great video
presentations of someone whose range of languages might be described as panglottic, a

Perhaps any descriptive titles may not be as important to him as his life long journey
itself with the languages in which he wanted to make the effort to communicate with the
individuals he came in contact.

With hearty encouragement and best wishes....

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08 July 2014 at 10:55am | IP Logged 
As someone who has met him personally, I can confirm he has also practiced Dutch.
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08 July 2014 at 10:56am | IP Logged 
Actually I discovered this impressive polyglot through a Russian summary of his 24 language video.
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08 July 2014 at 6:49pm | IP Logged 
We talked quite a bit in Chinese at the Polyglot Gathering. I'd say his Mandarin is even
more fluent in person than on the video. Definitely C1, possibly C2, can't tell because
my Chinese is only B2 :-(

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