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Price of Polyglottery - New Prof

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29 December 2013 at 8:06pm | IP Logged 
Sibsil wrote:
Professor A. has made new v=ylKn6AqF0WY">video to talk about research in polyglot learning styles.

I hope some of our more advanced polyglots volunteer to be subjects in a case study.
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30 December 2013 at 7:19am | IP Logged 
I think everybody who works with not only polyglots, but language learners in general will have noticed that there are different learning styles. The problem is whether these are immutable and fundamental and maybe even inborn or not - and then the sequel problem is that some scholars tend to believe that a thing has to be described in all details and proved beyond 100% and be consistent with their own world view to accept that it just might exist - and with learning styles this proof is hard to produce because it would involve turning the learning process of a large guinea pig group around to see whether teaching them against their own wishes had a negative effect - and that would of course be unethical.

Besides some pedagogical scholars just might want to see the whole idea of learning styles go away because they expect and prefer everybody to be alike - which would make teaching in class settings much easier. Strangely enough some of these authorities would be raving mad at the idea that scholars and teachers should be forced to give up their own freedom.

Personally I believe that the more extreme language learners are even more different than 'normal' language learners (who may even have been forced to learn their languages in school or on the street). So a study of one person - even a star learner like profArguelles - would be interesting, but you couldn't generalize a lot from it. Even the hyperpolyglot group of M.Erard (of Babel fame) was too small and of too suspect composition to allow for that, but at least it was an honest attempt to get an overview, which definitely is a laudable achievement.   

For my own part I do study languages in groups as the professor (though within a narrower range), but I would never choose to plan my study time according to a strict schedule. I do a number of standardized activities, but I do them on a whim because I believe that this approach is better than being forced - even by yourself - to do a specific activity on a specific time with a specific language just because the plan says so.

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