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Panglot and Panglotism: new type of polyg

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02 January 2016 at 10:36am | IP Logged 
Today posting about the polyglot Leo in polyglots section brought me back to this
forum, and I would like to take this opportunity to share more of my thoughts on
language learning as one language learner to other interested language learners within
the theme of panglottism.

I have already tread the path of panglottism for almost five years now.

They say many roads lead to Rome.
I would say that for me, many methods lead to language learning, for to me the Way is
more important than methods.
I would further say much foreign language learning activities will eventually lead to
polyglotism, increase in polyglotism will lead to tranlingualism, development of
tranlingualism will sooner or later lead to panglottism.
Thus panglottism is the logical and realistic development of learning foreign languages
in its fully mature and actualized form, all the more significantly in our ever
acceleratedly globalized world.
The matrix of panglottism indeed is the experience and formation of planetary
It has been so in my life experiences, even in my little lot of experiencing our world
granted unto me.

Panglottism as expounded here adopts panglottism not only as the goal, but more as the
It adopts the Tao of foreign language learning, the Way(道), the Way of Empty Hand(空手

Addendum: Detachment from the Goals and Attachment to the

When I finally got on this path of panglottism after having struggled many years to
understand our planet and the phenomenon of our human species in its diverse
manifestation and growth, I needed to be encouraged in my new pursuit as a
nonspecialist in languages and linguistics, and found inspiration and insights from
other language learners of this forum especially at the beginning stage.
Learning one language to a workable level of communication skill takes much time and
Learning many languages from different families all the more so.

There were ups and downs in my language journey of last several years, but the fire
that has been lit within my heart for panglottism has kept on burning up until today.
I must say that I had thoroughly enjoyed this new journey that has been opened up to
me, and I am so deeply grateful for such an opportunity to pursue this learning
activity through these years.

When I had started on the path of panglottism at the beginning of 2011, I had set the
approximate date for the conclusion of this journey, even as I have other goals I must
pursue and cannot keep on making concentrated effort just for languages.
I think I might have to invest about two to five more years of concentrated effort, I
will have to see how and when life situation will change or when this inspiration
within me will finally have run its course, but after then, I will have to greatly
reduce my time and energy and put growing in languages and cultures into more of a
light hobby mode, and begin to assign my available time and energy for other goals.
I, however, do think that I have already incorporated spending time with languages into
my lifestyle and thus will keep on doing so even if in a very light mode until the time
I cannot do much physical activity or until my death.
For me spending time with languages has been a quite joyful and great stress relieving
experience and I do think that I have become quite addicted to its activities, and thus
will keep on maintain my ties with it.

I greatly desired to see and understand the Adam on this planet and Life led me to
learn his language, Planetarianese.

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02 January 2016 at 11:36am | IP Logged 
It's the first time I enter this thread, and I can't possibly read all the responses, but am truly fascinated by the subject!

Ari wrote:
I think it's a very laudable aspiration and one that I sometimes entertain for myself. However, terms like "panglot" and "omniglot" evoke in me an image of knowing ALL the languages of the world, rather than just a fewer number, but more spread out.

To me it sounds somewhat pretentious. As if the motivation was not feeling special enough any more by just being called a polyglot, thus wanting to stand out among polyglots.

HOWEVER, I do see a unique phenomenon that lies at the core of this.

futurianus wrote:

Thus it can be represented that when one learns a language 1 to 85%, one is at the same time learning and growing in language 2 to 65%, language 3 to 51%, language 4 to 31%, language 5 to 15%, language 6 to 7%, language 7 to 2%, language 8 to 1%, language 9 to 0.01%,....language 1256 to 0.002%, etc.
This is so true.

I spent a week in Paris this Christmas never having learned French and I used a tourist phrase book to get me around not wanting to use English at all. I found it incredibly satisfying that with my knowledge of English, Spanish and Italian, I was able to absorb French as if I already had been familiarized with it long time ago. Learning the vocabulary didn't seem like acquiring new information, but rather twitching information that I already have in my head to adapt it to a new linguistic setting.

I think that I already view myself (or will once I master French) as not a speaker of specific romance languages, but a speaker of the romance linguistic realm, if I can call it such.

I observe the same feeling being around the Dutch language (Germanic realm) - due to my knowledge of German and English. And as a native speaker of Polish who flirted with several other Slavic languages, I sure have that feeling visiting Czech Republic or Slovakia.

Edited by Derian on 02 January 2016 at 11:39am

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04 January 2016 at 5:28am | IP Logged 
Derian, first of all, I would like to express my appreciation to you for having an
interest in the subject of my thread on panglottism, and also for having shared your
wonderful personal experiences with how different languages are interrelated and
intermeshed in such a way that you have already, without being conscious of it, been
assimilating other languages when you were learning one or more languages. Organicity
of human language as evolved within our species is at the core of panglottism.

At the same time, I would like to point out another aspect of your post.
Derian wrote:

To me it sounds somewhat pretentious. As if the motivation was not feeling special
enough any more by just being called a polyglot, thus wanting to stand out among

I would like to respond more in detail to your interpretation of or impression on my
motivation, but perhaps in another post.

Let me, however, first deal with your comment more from the forum's administrative
point of view.


Do not post deliberately inflammatory, argumentative or aggressive messages. If you
disagree with a person, you can argue with his ideas in a respectful manner. Don't
attack the person, his personality or what he is, even in an indirect way. This is not
why people come on this forum and offending posts will be deleted and you will be
banned. If you resent the existence of people who speak more languages than you do now,
you will find this forum frustrating. People who post disruptive messages on the forum
or can't abide by the forum rules will have their account terminated.

Don't attack the person, his personality or what he is, even in an indirect way.

Your subjective interpretation of my subjective motivation for my thread content might
be as good as anyone else's, as they are subjective and you are expressing how you feel
about my motivation. I will try to make an effort to respect and give serious
consideration to anyone's view about my motivation, however negative or derogatory it
might be. However I would ask you, and I can only ask you as I am not one of the
moderators of this forum who can give you an official warning or even more strict
response for any deliberately inflammatory or aggressive messages or attack on the
person's character or personality, to restrain posting your own perspective on the
poster's interior motivation or personality, should your perspective might contain
negative aspect, even in an indirect way, even as it is better for you and will benefit
other readers . There are certain views that are better to just be communicated in a
more private setting, but not in public. There are several practical and ethical
reasons for doing so. I am not saying that your views on the matter are not valid or
wrong. I am just pointing out how I would want the discussions in this forum, and
especially in my thread to be carried out, and I hope that you will respect my stated
request. I am sure that it is not something that is out of line with the forum rules
specified in public.

I would like to also state to anyone who will decide to write something in this forum,
and especially in my thread, to be more generous and courteous with other posters here,
regardless of whether their stated view rubs you in a wrong way or is not so palatable
to your taste. Please do not inflammatorily attack other person's character,
motivation or personality, but rather make an effort to stick to the discussion of
ideas and views.

Derian, I do respect you as a fellow forum member and will only have goodwill for you,
regardless of how you might put me in a negative way. If you meet me in person and get
to know me, you might see that I am not just making a superficial remark, but seriously
mean what I say. I wish you all the best in your language journey. Peace....

Edited by futurianus on 04 January 2016 at 11:46am

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