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Small Expectations

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19 March 2010 at 4:39am | IP Logged 
გამარჯობა მარი.

მგონია შენი ჰოლანდიურის შესწავლა საინტერესოა. სამწუხაროდ იაპონში ცხოვრობენ
ძალიან ცოტა ქარტველები რადგან მე ვერ ვლაპარაკობ ქარტულად ქარტველებთან ერთად.

როცა გასულ კვირას წავედი ქართულ   რესტორან ში,რესტორანის პატრონი ქართველი
მაგრამ მას იპიკრა რომ მე რუსი ვარ! ეგებ მისთვის მოულოდნელი იყო რომ ინგლისელი
სწავლობს ქართულს იაპონში!

ხვალც ჩემთვის ძალიან დაკავებული დღე იქნება, იმიტომ რომ ჩემი ოჯახი ჩამოდის
იაპონში ინგლისიდან. ბედნიერი ვარ რომ ისინი ჩამოდიან, მაგრამ გითხრა მართალი
ცოტაც სევდიანი ვარ იმიტონ რომ ქართულის შესწავლასთვის დრო არ მექნება...ვიცი რომ
ქართულზე ოჯახი მნიშვნელოვანია, მაგრამ...;-)

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19 March 2010 at 1:54pm | IP Logged 
marTali xar. qarTvelebTan urTierToba dagexmareboda qarTulis swavlaSi, magram miuxedavad amisa, mainc sakmaod win waxvedi (progressed). restornis mepatrones albaT imitom egone rusi rom 1. albat qera xar :); 2. ucxouri aqcentiT daelaparake da 3. marTla moulodnelia iaponiaSi Segxvdes ingliseli romelic qarTulad saubrobs!

ojaxis Camosvla marTlac Zalian sasixaruloa. eh, neta vinme Cemiani Camovides aq! ramdeni xniT rCebian? qarTulis swavla moicdis. sxvaTaSoris, es bolo periodi mec qarTuls "vswavlob". ar gagikvirdes, Cemi experimentisTvis mWirdeba gramatikis codna. aRmovaCine rom Zalian rTulia. exla vcdilob sistemaSi movikvano rom Cem leqtors vaCveno raTa warmodgena Seeqmnas qarTulze.

mgoni amjeradac cota rTuli "posti" gamomivida. Tu rames ver gaigeb SegiZlia mkiTxo ra Tqma unda.

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19 March 2010 at 2:49pm | IP Logged 
Just a quick note here to express how beautiful I find Georgian script. I have no idea what your posts written in the Georgian alphabet say, I'm sad to admit TixhiiDon, but I do enjoy looking at them all the same :)

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19 March 2010 at 10:29pm | IP Logged 
Thanks for your comments Teango. I agree that the alphabet is really beautiful, and
luckily it's very easy to learn too.

I was thinking I should provide an English translation of my posts in Georgian for any
that are interested, although for some reason I'm quite embarrassed to do so! It's all
very simple stuff, and no doubt full of mistakes, but as long as Marich27 can
understand I'm happy. So, the previous post said (or at least I intended it to say:)

"Hi Mari,
Your Dutch studies sound interesting. Unfortunately very few Georgian people live in
Japan so I can't speak Georgian with Georgian people. When I went to the Georgian
restaurant last week the owner of the restaurant was Georgian, but he thought I was
Russian! It was probably surprising for him that an English person is studying
Georgian in Japan!

Tomorrow will be another busy day for me as my family are arriving in Japan from
England. I'm happy that they are coming, but to tell the truth I'm also a little sad
because I won't have any time to study Georgian. I know that family is more important
than Georgian, but still..."

So that pretty much sums up the level I'm at right now - present tense, future tense, a
bit of past tense, some simple adjectives and adverbs. Nothing amazing but I'm quite
pleased with how it's going, and most importantly, I'm still really enjoying it.

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19 March 2010 at 10:38pm | IP Logged 
That's actually pretty good, considering how difficult Georgian appears to be and for how short a time period you've been studying! I would be very pleased if you decide to post translations of your messages in English, but if not, I'll just content myself with gazing at those awesome, swirly Georgian letters and wonder about their meaning. :)

Edited by ellasevia on 19 March 2010 at 10:38pm

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27 March 2010 at 2:55am | IP Logged 
Sawat dii khrap! Sabai dii?
No, it's not a spooky linguistic coincidence between Georgian and Thai. I'm actually writing this from a hotel computer in Phuket, Thailand. I'm here with my family for a few days to laze on the beach and eat some fabulous Thai food. I have brought my Georgian textbook with me, dedicated language learner that I am, but have yet to open it... I feel in the mood for some Kartuli today though, so the book may be exposed to some fresh sea air a little later.

I must admit I've been having a little motivation wobble since I arrived in Thailand two days ago. I find that I can remember a few bits of the Thai I studied a few years ago - just greetings and ordering in restaurants basically - but it is so enjoyable to put a language I have learned into use with native speakers that a part of me wonders why on earth I didn't stick with Thai, especially when it is so easy and cheap for me to travel here from Japan.

But I refuse to waver! Georgian is the language I have chosen and Georgian is the language I will stick with! My family are with me until April 4, so to Mari, sorry I probably won't have time to write to you in Georgian before then. However, after that day my life, which has been unusually busy recently, will finally settle down into peace, quiet, and normality (to be honest, I can't wait!).
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31 March 2010 at 6:16am | IP Logged 
Gamarjoba my guguli (cuckoo :) all Georgian learners must be crazy to learn GEORGIAN) kartuli learning friend!!! I'm
so happy there is at least one other learner here with me :D. I am
doing a one month challenge, to see how far I can get, even though i set a goal. How did you ever get your
Georgian keyboard to work within your browser???

Anyways, I can't wait until I can start serious serious learning. Hopefully this weekend I can really dig in. What are
you using to learn???

Oh und ich denke dass ich ein georgisches Lehrbuch auf Deutsch kaufen werde. Es seht sehr gut aus, und man kann
es von kaufen. Ich hoffe, dass es ist, als es seht aus. Jemand hat mir gesagt, dass die deutschen
Lehrbücher sind besser dann die englischen und russischen Bücher (du kannst sehen, dass ich Russisch auch lerne).

Edited by ruskivyetr on 31 March 2010 at 6:25am

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03 April 2010 at 9:44am | IP Logged 
Ruskivyetr, thanks for the post, and congratuations on joining the small group of kartulists! As I wrote above, I've been very distracted this month but I'm looking forward to getting back to the books in April. I'm using Dodona Kiziria's Beginner's Georgian, which I have found invaluable to begin my studies as it's very user-friendly. I really like the way she treats the language just as another language someone might want to learn to be able to speak to native speakers in Georgia, rather than just a linguistic curiosity. I've dabbled with the Reading Grammar and other textbooks but I like them less for the reason I described above. I'm also studying Georgian at a language school in Tokyo, for which we use a Japanese text. I think it is probably a candidate for the best Georgian textbook in the world, but of course you need to be able to read Japanese to understand it. Oh, and it's not published so you'd have to join my Georgian class to get access to it.

I've heard that the German textbooks are very good too, but I'm not sure if my German is of a high enough standard these days to cope with them. Anyway, I've got plenty to be going on with for the time being.

Feel free to join in my conversation with Marich27 for practice! I've been very neglectful of her over the past month so I hope she's still here to reply next time I get a minute to write to her.

I got my Georgian font very easily but I think it's because I have a Japanese computer - I can add any alphabet and switch between them at the click of an icon!

There are Georgian keyboards online which you can type into and then copy/paste. A quick google search will turn one up, I'm sure.

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