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FAQ about learning Mandarin Chinese
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    Difficulties of learning Chinese Mandarin

  • What are the main difficulties in learning Mandarin Chinese ?
  • What is easy to learn in Mandarin Chinese?
  • Are some aspects of Mandarin Chinese that are easier than expected ?
  • How soon can you understand bits of spoken chinese ?
  • How soon can you follow kung fu movies in Mandarin Chinese?
  • How soon can you understand Chinese Mandarin signs on the street or in shops?
  • How soon can you read menus in chinese restaurants?
  • How does learning Mandarin Chinese compare to learning German or Spanish ?
  • Writing system

  • How do you look up Mandarin Chinese words in a dictionary?
  • How difficult is it to write Mandarin Chinese?
  • How many Mandarin Chinese characters do you need to know to read a newspaper article ?
  • Can I learn Mandarin Chinese only with Pinyin ?
  • What is Pinyin?
  • Did the Chinese ever try to replace characters by an alphabetic system?
  • Vocabulary

  • Once you have found a Mandarin Chinese word in the dictionary, how easy is it to pronounce?
  • Are there many words in Mandarin Chinese that are the same in other languages?
  • How easy it is to learn a new Mandarin Chinese word?
  • Using the language

  • Are chinese people forgiving when you make mistakes in Mandarin Chinese?
  • How useful is a knowledge of Mandarin Chinese for travelling in China ?
  • How useful is it to speak Mandarin Chinese when doing business with China ?
  • If you are fluent in Mandarin Chinese, can you read a text written by a Cantonese Chinese speaker?
  • If you travel to Taiwan, Singapore or Hong Kong, how useful is it to speak Mandarin Chinese?
  • Are there regional variations in Mandarin Chinese?
  • Studying Mandarin Chinese

  • What goals can you reasonably set when learning Mandarin Chinese?
  • Can you learn only to speak Mandarin Chinese?
  • How do you choose between Cantonese and Mandarin Chinese?
  • What learning tools are the most useful ?

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