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Table of contents
Table of contents

Charles Berlitz, 1961, Wideview/Perigee Book, New York, soft cover, ISBN 0-399-50999-2, 340 pages, 152 mm X 227 mm X 24 mm

Written by the grandson of the founder of the Berlitz language programs, this book is a collection of anectodes about languages.

The whole book is divided in chapters and then in short paragraphs separated by a line. There is no continuous text. The title of a later edition is more accurate : "Native Tongues: The Book of Language Facts". You can read this as you would read Jeopardy cards (if that's your thing) or the Guiness Book of Records.

If you wish to find entertaining facts you can tell at a dinner party and do not fear to appear as pedantic this is a good source. Nonetheless I recommend language lovers buy a copy as this is one of few books made for and by language lovers. Just don't overdo it at dinner parties.

I scanned the table of contents so that you can see more about the book's structure.

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