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Books about Language Learning
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Here is a commented list of books, old and new, about language learning. I am not a bookstore and some of these books are out of print.

How to learn Languages and What Languages to Learn  1966  Pei

How to learn a foreign languageCornelius

Why Johnny Should Learn Foreign Languages1961Huebener

How to learn Languages and What Languages to Learn1966Pei

Adamitics1914De Velics

L'art d'apprendre les langues1808 M. Weiss

Die Sprachen der Welt1997Bodmer

The Art and Science Of Learning Languages1996Gethin & Gunnemark

Imparare le lingue1993 Bendin

De la Manière d'apprendre les langues1786Radonvilliers

Fremdsprache der Welt2001Kubanek

Wie lernt man fremde Sprachen1999Dahl

Learning a new language1930Crawford & Leitzeli

Learn how to learn1987Ohme

Sprache lernen (k)ein Problem1984Gruhn

Sprachen Lernen2000Kleinschroten

The Loom of Language1987Bodmer

How to Learn any Language1991Farber

How to Learn A Foreign Language1987Fuller

The Quick and Dirty Guide to Learnin Languages Fast2000Hawk

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